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Alanna Royale Emerges From Her Journey Of Self-Discovery To Bring Us Her New Release, “Run Around”

The Nashville singer balances the darkness with light and vitality on her new release.

Amid the global pandemic’s chaos, Alanna Royale embarked on an extraordinary cross-country adventure from Nashville to the sun-soaked landscapes of California. Little did she know that this transformative journey would birth her highly anticipated album,

“Trouble Is,” set to release on October 6. Delving deep into her psyche, the talented singer-songwriter found solace in therapy, unearthing profound truths about herself that would shape the album’s raw and revelatory essence.

Reflecting on her personal growth, Royale says, “Sometimes you have to fall apart to find the most real version of yourself.” With this profound message and truth fresh in her mind, she unleashed her creative spirit, allowing herself to craft an album that resonated with her honest, authentic voice.

Liberated from the constraints of societal artistic expectations, “Trouble Is” is the follow-up to Royale’s captivating prior releases “So Bad You Can Taste It” and “Achilles.” Utilizing a beautiful sound that borrows from the timeless quirks of soul and blues, the album transparently navigates periods of personal struggle and acceptance through lyrics and vocals that sometimes speak to your soul.

“Run Around,” Royale’s herald of choice for the good things to come on “Trouble Is,” could not have been a perfect introduction to her new musical era. Produced by Kelly Finnigan of the mesmerizing psychedelic soul band Monophonics, “Run Around” is anchored by a lush and simply exquisite instrumental performance that begins with a catchy little jingle on the piano before the drums and guitar provide a catchy, soul-infused rhythm that draws the best out of Royale’s already impressive vocal performance. As Royale sings, “I wanna ride with you, I’ll waste my time with you,” there’s a feeling that good times are ahead despite life’s ups and downs.

“Run Around” offers a jubilant and exuberant soundscape that perfectly contrasts with the themes of personal struggles and triumph Alanna Royale skillfully navigates, both now and on her new album “Trouble Is.” Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Alanna Royale’s latest release, “Run Around,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alanna Royale! We're addicted to your new single "Run Around" — the positivity and good vibes you brought on this one now gives us life! You mentioned that introspection played a significant role in your new music. Is the song about a particular past or current relationship?

Thank you so much!!! This song is about when my friend was sure that a guy I was hanging out with was not into me. They got in my head! We talked constantly, going everywhere together, and he made me feel happier than any other person I had ever been with. It broke my heart to think that I was wrong about them ultimately, but after much thought, I completely went for it. I just rode that feeling, and guess what? SHE WAS WRONG. There was a solid connection there, which turned into something beautiful.

You did a phenomenal job on the music video. It brings us back! Where did you draw inspiration from? What are some of your favorite music videos today and from when you were a teenager?

My inspiration came from the utterly in-the-moment feeling of my youth - before you become an adult and have a more challenging time trusting your instincts. The video feels free because that's how I felt when I was younger. No concerns for tomorrow or what came before - just entirely doing whatever felt good. Some of my favorite music videos of my childhood would be "The Rain" by Missy, of course, "Army of Me" by Bjork, and "Freetime" by Kenna. Today I'd say some of my favorites would include "Lonely World" by Moses Sumney (anything by Moses Sumney, honestly) and the Little Simz video for "Gorilla" she just released.

Your forthcoming record, Trouble Is, is slated for release on October 6th! What was your favorite part about seeing your vision for this project come to life, and are there any other songs from this project you're incredibly excited to share with your fans?

I worked on this record through the pain and misery of the pandemic, so the high point was the last day of mixing when I knew we had finished the undertaking of this album. Other highlights include:

  • Some of my favorite musicians joined me in the studio.

  • Hitting notes, I've never shot before.

  • Knowing that I made something brutally honest.

It's a joint release from Trash Casual and SoulStep Records. How did you link up with those labels, and how did this arrangement come about?

I'm an extreme extrovert, so it is not hard for me to meet people. I had known of both of these labels and the super dope folks who run them and after shopping my record around, it struck me that I already knew some great teams of people to work with. Both labels offered me the support and resources I needed, and it naturally came to us that we could all join forces and give this record the release it deserved. I'm so grateful!

How did you first get started in music? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do as a child?

I live for performing. As a kid, I sang, danced, acted, and, unfortunately for my mother, acted up in class constantly. Music took hold at a young age for me as a singer via pop music on the radio and old-school R&B on my mom's stereo. Then came theatre and punk and post-punk music when I was a teenager. Looking back, I was deeply affected by music at a young age. I understood "Midnight Train to Georgia" and Thursday's "Understanding In A Car Crash."

What would you want it to be if your fans could take one thing away from your new music?

These are true stories of my fans who took only one thing away from my new music. These are real experiences, whether mine or those I've witnessed, but I'm not the only one. We're all familiar with the feelings I've come up against, and while there is some significant pain involved, I want everyone to know that there is a place of healing we can all reach. It's a long, treacherous road, but it's possible.

Do you have any advice for young artists that would like to be like you?

My universal advice for any young artist is to surround yourself with other artists who are more experienced than you as opposed to feeling threatened by their skills and knowledge or, worse, shame that you don't know as much. It's always good to have a crew of people you can learn and grow with together so y'all can share resources, but there is so much to learn from folks who have been at it longer than you or might know a little more. Trust me; it'll get you leaps and bounds ahead of where you'd be by just trying to go at it alone.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Would you like to shout out to anyone who's helped you along your journey?

Wow, where would I even start?! Everyone I have ever worked with has helped me in some way - even the bad experiences. I grew up with someone, was supported by someone, or learned a hard lesson (these instances were hard to get through), and I'm grateful for it all. Without a doubt, I can thank my creative partners, Jared Colby and Kelly Finnigan, for helping me write and shape this record into its final form - THANK YOU GUYS!!!!


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