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Alaska & Aurora Enchant You With “Pollyanna”

Alaska & Aurora is a Northern Virginian Alternative, Indie-Pop band that’s been evolving and creating their own music since 2015. Alaska & Aurora’s sound is something extraordinary that you find yourself obsessing over! Together, the band forms an array of illuminated sounds, with each member embodying their own individual color. Each member plays an important role in helping manufacture the great hits they release. On lead vocals and bass is Lía Marie Johnson (Yellow). On lead guitar and B.G. vCcals is Rachel Kane (Violet) and alongside her is rhythm guitarist, Denise Loewinger (Rose). With Kate Sulek (Teal) on drums, and Austin Sulek (Orange) on keys, the group is one of a unique presence. Alaska & Aurora released their heart-rendering single titled “Pollyanna” that instantly begins with a delicate and delightful piano introduction that produces a unique falsetto key. Lía Marie Johnson keeps a sweet, mellifluous sound, completely enrapturing us with their enchanting energy. Alaska & Aurora stir beautiful connections between the listener and the song in which you become completely captivated with the song’s magnetic force and the dainty lyricism that shows elements of metaphoric word play and poetic inversion. The song feels holy in a sense where everything is so augmented and the dynamics are so big you feel like you’re becoming cleansed of everything negative while listening. Alaska & Aurora gave us this magical impact in “Pollyanna” and we can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Download "Pollyanna" on your Spotify playlist today, and keep reading for the artists personalized interview!

Hello! We are so excited about your new song “Pollyanna”! Can you tell us a little about yourselves and how Alaska & Aurora formed?

Hi BuzzMusic! It all started when four of us (Kate, Rachel, Denise, Lía Marie) all met through a music school called Bach2Rock back in 2015. We started out playing a few covers here and there, but in little to no time, really got into the groove of writing and performing our own music. In late 2018, Austin started playing the keys for us at a couple shows and eventually joined us officially. It was just what our sound was missing and we’ve been together ever since!”

How would you guys personally describe your artistry and music influence?

“It’s hard to put a label on our music as it can embody so many things at once. It’s alternative, it’s indie, it’s rock, it’s pop, but above all, it’s art. Influenced by experiences, connections, and moments, it’s something that not only belongs to us, but everyone who chooses to listen. There are definitely a few artists that have heavily impacted the growth of our sound though, and that includes Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks), the Beatles, David Bowie, HAIM, and Wolf Alice.”

“Pollyanna” could be interpreted in many ways but from your artist perspective how would you guys lyrically connotate this?

“For us, “Pollyanna” is ignorance personified. Narrating a state of concealment in a facade that’s beautiful, sweet, and lush. A state where chaos, pain, and consequences slumber in its undertones and thrive off its illusion. With that said, “Pollyanna”, as you’ve mentioned, may be interpreted in many ways; we give it to you, you feel as you do.”

What inspired you to write “Pollyanna” ?

“Pollyanna” was hugely inspired by the apathetic nature of today’s global society. Our inability to truly acknowledge and act upon problems that threaten our lives as we know it, when now is all we have to save it. We believe our generation is the future, and if those in charge won’t make a change, we’ll just have to instead.

Have you guys had a chance to perform “Pollyanna” live yet? Are you planning on it?

We have actually not had a chance to perform “Pollyanna” live yet, but most certainly, and excitedly, plan on doing so! We really want to be able to capture the full effect of the song and are working towards creating a live rendition that’ll serve it justice.

How does “Pollyanna” differ from your debut single “Undergrove”?

“Undergrove” and “Pollyanna” differ most in the stylistic choices and intentions that lie beneath them. On one hand, “Undergrove” takes on a relatively gritty and heads-on perspective on the issue(s) it confronts, which directly binds the lyrics and music to each other in a way that generates emotion and power. What makes “Pollyanna” unique, on the other hand, is a clash between the lyrics and music. Unlike “Undergrove”, the melodic elements of “Pollyanna” are fairly upbeat, and without any lyrical context, the song bears a more positive vibe. Overall, the dissonance between musical and lyrical elements help contribute to the idea of ignorance that was intended in the song. In the end, these songs both address different world issues that we hope to help change in the future and we’re glad we get to share them with our listeners today, tomorrow, and to whatever comes after.


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