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Albert Cummings Gets Ready To “Meet the Man,” In Emotional Country-Inspired Ballad

Albert Cummings is your modern-day country/rock singer and songwriter who brings forth many perspectives to his music. The latest release he offered to his listeners, "Meet The Man," came with a music video that paired superbly well with the personality of this altruistic recording artist.

With an incredible number of achievements under his belt, Albert Cummings is very familiar with pulling on the heartstrings of music listeners, with a fun-loving country twang in his midst. Describing himself as a multifaceted artist that incorporates a ton of genre elements into his music, Albert Cummings knows how to intertwine his life experiences into his musical narratives for the purpose of inspiring and uplifting his audience.

Let's dive right into the music video of "Meet The Man" because it's giving us a good kind of chills right from the moment we hit the play button. "Meet The Man" has a beautiful guitar opening that sets a nostalgic-like tone. Soon, Albert Cummings mature, rustic and well-harmonized voice penetrates the air, and you can feel the natural passion exuding from each and every vocal he sings. Take a moment to fully take in the particulates of "Meet The Man." Close your eyes and let the voice of Albert Cummings run through your veins. We promise it'll shake you in the right kind of therapeutic way.

The music video for "Meet The Man" solely focuses on Albert Cummings in terms of visuals. The intimacy established from this is grand, and as listeners, we feel like we're right there with Cummings, front-row, experiencing the nuances of his performance. The overall atmosphere is bone-chilling, and we felt the personality Albert Cummings brought to his song allowed it to feel incredibly romanticized.

"Meet The Man" is easy to fall in love with, but majorly because of the heart and soul that Cummings authentically brings to the song and its accompanying video. He stands proud under the spotlight, being his real and raw self. We definitely felt at peace with the harmonies brought forth in "Meet The Man," and Albert Cummings won us over with ease!

Listen to the natural harmonies of Albert Cummings in his country ballad, "Meet The Man" on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Albert Cummings, and congratulations on the music video release of your single, "Meet The Man." How do you feel about the response you've received so far since the debut?

I'm very excited about the response I'm getting from this song. I think it's the most response I've ever had from people at shows. People tell me they are coming to see that one song is played. It is always very rewarding when I find common ground with people thru my music! What would you say is the major emotion you had hoped your audience would feel as they experienced "Meet The Man" and its music video?

The message of the song is spiritual, which is an area that I have never entered in my songwriting. The idea came from my father's views on dying. "The Man" represents a higher power of some sort. I will let the listener decide on who that is but it is basically a simple thought that when you pass away, you are going somewhere and when you get there, you will meet the man. Did you work alongside anyone for your song and its paired video to come to fruition?

There were a lot of people who worked on the video, from filming to putting the entire package together. The main person who helped to create this video was Nick Spanos. Nick is one of those people who makes things happen, and he sure did that with this video. He loved the song and wanted the song and its message to be center stage. It's a very simple video, but that's why it fits the song, which is also very simple. What would you describe to be the most integral characteristics of your sound? How do you go about ensuring these get portrayed through your music, including "Meet The Man?"

My sound is very different from anyone I've ever heard. I hope that is a good thing! My sound is what happens when you combine all of my influences which are: Blues, Rock, Country, and Gospel. Meet the Man hits them all. It's an interesting question of how I ensure my characteristics are in my music. I think this happens automatically as long as I am honest about my feelings when I write or perform my music. In particular, I have been hearing this song from people who can actually feel the music. That's when I know I've hit the nail on the head! I want people to feel it, not just hear it! What's next for you?

I feel as though I am just getting started. I have two sons that I've been waiting to grow up with. They finally are! I plan to write-perform, write perform, write perform. I have so many songs coming out of me, and I love sharing my music with the world. I absolutely love it, and I am so excited that I can start pursuing my dream!

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