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Albon Debuts New EP 'Other Niceties'

The freshest contribution to whimsical folk-inspired indie rock comes from the LA artist that operates under the guise of "Albon," and it feels like a humble revelation.

Stirring on love, internal exploration, and the ever-present dark corners found within us all, the five-song gathering "The Niceties," features forward pumping amalgamation of exploratory wanderings in Albon's steadfast authenticity, enamoring orchestral string productions and the edges of folk-rock genre.

The character of this EP alludes to some of Albon's dark times in New York. Here we are introduced to his single "Find Out," a production spilling with visceral hooks and vocals that glide along the intrinsic orchestral strings. 

On this track, the LA native's expression feels melancholic but in a rational way. The sufferings of the past adorned him a silver-lining—and that's precisely the precious brilliance this number exudes onto its listeners. "I know the truth about me and you," Albon sings, "you'll play your game, and forgot how smoke rings."

The track shuffles and sways with forwarding momentum as Albon sings with sincerity, accompanied by lush a textured tone, and unrestricted displays of vulnerability over a dense wash of folk-pop modernism. "I wanna find out just how far and how long you need to be faithful for freedom, to find out if call where was it all?" he sings as he sets ablaze some more energy in the chorus.

As we ease our way into the center of this venture, the guitar hooks synergize perfectly with Albon's voice as they harmonize together. Eventually, it all mellows into a jam section before releasing it into a short turn around for the last chorus. In this way, Albon has total command over his character of sound —spirited in his vocal layering and harmonies, as well as gleamy electric guitars that cascade over the stereo field of this sturdy canvas for his expression.

This single ultimately provides the remainder of his own retrospection into his past. He uses that vulnerability to implement every imaginative impulse into his music, and we love it to bits.

We're totally blown away by "Find Out", and the preview of your EP 'The Niceties'. Can you go into a bit more depth about the inner meaning and message behind the song?

Thanks! “I want to find out just how far and how long you need to be faithful for freedom to find out and call” is contemplation about how committed one has to be to find freedom in yourself. Mind you, my perspective has changed significantly because I wrote this whole EP between 2015-2018. I used to feel far more fragmented, and goal-oriented. Now I feel that things are far more holistic. Therefore, finding freedom is in the journey, and not the end product…Duhhh.

What inspired you to take a period in your life of hardship and transform it into this beautiful landscape of sonic flourishing in the latest music you're releasing?

That's how I process life. I’d be doing this no matter what. It’s just like a very hands-on yet indirect approach to processing feelings and playing with certain realities.

Have you always had a deep connection with your inner vulnerabilities and your lyricism? Or is this something you've learned to develop?

I think I’ve also always found meaning in things other than myself, which has allowed me to stay with a sense of playful curiosity. Its easier to look at when its a bit more removed… and therefore be connected vulnerable.

Thank you so much for being here and providing us with a sample of what is coming this July! What next for you artistically, and can we expect any new collaborations this year?

Next, I’m making a TV show at the end of July. I can’t say more about that now. Then I have another EP that is coming out hopefully at the end of summer. I’m also working on another 13 songs which I believe will make up an LP that I hope to put out this winter.


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