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Albon Takes Us Up the Pacific Coast With “Big Sur Theme”

From the north Chicago suburbs to Los Angeles and driving up the PCH with the windows down, Albon embraces the ocean, the highway and unique sounds with his new single “Big Sur Theme”

This song is what it sounds like in a daydream state to be with someone important in your life, driving north on the Pacific Coast Highway. Big Sur is located in Northern California and is an absolutely breathtaking experience for anyone. This song, which sonically takes influence from The Beach Boys and is reminiscent of “God Only Know’s What I’d Be Without You” and other songs from the album “Pet Sounds”. The percussion is unique, mainly bongo’s and conga’s and is accompanied by fingerpicking guitars and layered vocals that take you away to a dream-like state.

This is the song that you can drive to without direction because it takes you to where you need to go in your mind. “Big Sur Theme” creates its own atmosphere with the flute performance and the synth sounds. Lyrically, it’s hard to make out the words, but that isn’t completely necessary. “Big Sur Theme” is what you need on a winter day and Albon delivers it to us in a magical way. Do yourself a favor and listen to this sonic masterpiece today!

You can find "Big Sur Theme" here.


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