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Album Of The Month: Lachlan Grant Splendor’s 12 Track Project “The Choice Is Yours”

Lachlan Grant Splendor is a roots/rock music artist producing songs entailing messages of aspiration to inspire love and passion for the unique qualities of each person’s authentic individual color. Hailing from New Zealand, the globe trekking artist has picked up a diverse array of influences to his original sound. Lachlan’s songs deal with introspection, inspiration and the awakening of one’s higher consciousness. Taking cues from folk and roots rock, Lachlan draws further inspiration from a mix of artists including Neil Young and Billy Bragg.

His brand new album titled “The Choice Is Yours” begins with an upbeat and alluring roots intro called “Believe in Possibilities” the acoustics lead into Lachlan’s hypnotic and dark vocals. This track is all about being aware of ourselves and what we put out into the world. It’s about looking at our emotions and adjusting the way we think and react to certain situations. The next track is the namesake of the album “The Choice Is Yours”. In this track, Lachlan takes a more somber route.  Focusing on the main theme that insisted by the title, our lives are dependent on the choices we make. If we focus on negativity, we will receive it right back and vice versa. The next track is titled “Father’s Second Son” Lachlan Grant Splendor showcases his intense finger pick styling. The retrospective track gives us a vulnerable look inside of Lachlan’s emotional mind. The track talks about everyone's fear of falling into the background. We all need to absorb the same mindset as Lachlan Grant Splendor when it comes to getting motivated to change our situations. 

“Dependent Happiness” is a melancholic track about somebody who’s not around anymore. It’s about the grief that happens when you lose someone and rebuilding yourself after that lose. We love the emotive lyricism fused with pummeling riffs and a catchy melody. Lachlan changes the tone of the album up a bit with the next track “Pristine”, it’s a light-hearted track with an upbeat and vibrant energy! Blessed with a pure and flawless acoustic guitar solo, “Pristine” is definitely one of my favorites! “Desperate Love” is not the heart wrenching love ballad you’d think from the title. Although it is slightly haunting, “Desperate Love” is formed in the way of a story about “Jack and Sally”, two people in search of true love. 

“Evolving Sounds” is a track laced with spectacular arrangements of acoustics and heart-melting vocals. It explodes into a catchy folk tune and we’re loving it! Another motivational anthem and encouraging track about going your own path, beating your own drum and ultimately making your own choices. “Sustain” is a psychedelic track that further takes on no the inspiring journey that is “The Choice Is Yours”. Again using storytelling elements, Lachlan teaches us valuable lessons and awakens one’s higher consciousness. “Keep The Dream Alive” is a track that really focuses on rebuilding and not regretting anything you’ve done it life. We need to learn to change our mindset and know life everything in life is meant to be. “Collective” is a track that highlights Lachlan’s vocal range and unique tone. Authentic to the core, Lachlan Grant Splendor continues to motivate and inspire the better person inside of all of us.

As the album approaches conclusion, “Wearing Warmth” is the second-last track. The introductory guitar feels like a winding road and it weaves through a smooth melody. It becomes more upbeat and develops its overall soulful and high energy vibe. As the twelfth and last track on the album “The Choice Is Yours”, “Dark Night Moon Light” exudes a raw and pure energy. As a reflection on the universe, its vast and atmospheric sound takes us through to the end of an incredible album. 

With elements of folk, roots, rock and soul mixed with contemporary rhythms and a powerful sound, “The Choice Is Yours” is a hard hitting album that will make any listener reevaluate their outlook on the world and themselves. Lachlan Grant Splendor is able to relate to their listeners on so many levels. Through his meaningful lyricism and finely-calibrated instrumentals, Lachlan establishes true connections with his fans.

Check out “The Choice Is Yours” here and read more with Lachlan in our interview below!

Hello Lachlan! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What was your upbringing like? When did you start creating music?

Greetings and gratitude! I feel my upbringing was successful. Having had the opportunity to discover a passion for music during my younger years has influenced the direction of my lifestyle from adolescence onwards. In 2007, I began recording my guitar and voice. Hearing myself play back through the speakers revealed endless possibilities of creativity. I was embedded on a path of discovering myself through music. 

What overall theme does your album “The Choice Is Yours” have?

Knowledge, wisdom and discovering the true self within. It’s a conceptual album inspired by introspection, inspiration and higher conscious awakening. The intention of this album is to remind people that they have a choice to be co creators of their reality and further inspire them to embrace authenticity free from judgement.

From an artist’s perspective, what’s your favorite track? Why?

I initially wrote ‘Evolving Souls’ as a journal entry to remember happiness while drifting in the lows of displacement. Later that evening I was exploring an open guitar tuning and finger style picking what are now the main progressions in the song. After realizing the lyrics from my journal fit so naturally, I commenced to sing and found the melody. It was like the spirits were literally speaking through me. I simply love this song because it came organically. It still reminds me that I am worthy, resilient, creative, and deeply connected to the source of all energy. 

Are all of the songs on “The Choice Is Yours” based on life experiences?

Yes and if not, inspired by. This album was written from a viewpoint of reflection portraying medicinal messages used for self healing along the journey towards understanding.

What’s your writing process like?

Although many of my songs have started as lyrical ideas, I find these messages and concepts useful in dictating the direction of the music. I will often come up with a guitar riff or chord progression, align with lyrics from my notebook and evolve the song from there.


Stay connected with Lachlan through his socials!

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