Album Review: Lightweight Literate - "WHITEWILLSMITH"

Hip hop artist Lightweight Literate was born and raised in the suburbs of a small town called Yuba City, CA. Lightweight’s music reflects a “silver spoon” upbringing contrary to the average rapper. Many artists pride themselves on the struggle, but Lightweight Literate finds pride in the support of his loving family and fans. Lightweight Literate primarily delivers melodic choruses and aggressive verses. It is evident with each new track he is constantly striving to improve his craft and expand his fan base. Lightweight appears to have a continuing trend of paying homage to his heroes with each project name. In 2018, Lightweight Literate dropped his debut mixtape BLONDJAMESBOND and only four months later he released his newest mixtape WHITEWILLSMITH. You can hear the artist’s growth in the short time between projects. There have been rumors of an upcoming mixtape LLNOTCOOLJ but this has not been confirmed!

The first song on his tape, “WhiteWillSmith” was the perfect introduction to the tape. It highlighted the whole vibe for the mixtape and ironically it was titled exactly like the project. You absolutely felt his presence throughout the entire song. He was able to deliver a strong aggressive nature with witty lyrics and an addicting hook. It felt more like a “I'm coming” type of song where he’s letting us know that this project is going to create waves! After “WhiteWillSmith” the next song that transitions in is called “Squad Deep” and lightweight gives us no break from his hard-hitting lyrics and banging beat where i can envision myself listening to this single on 10 on my radio. One of my favorite noticeable qualities about the song had to be his flow. The way he was able to effortlessly deliver his bars without missing a beat and sustaining perfect breathe control was a stand out characteristic.

The next single off this project, “First Label” was completely different from the two songs prior, lightweight literate showcases his singing ability a little bit more with a trap, hip-hop sounding beat. His raspiness when he sings became more clear and it was pleasant to hear because it’s one of his special unique traits. The next song, “Gazuntite” was one of my personal favorites. The dark, hazy, and melodic trap beat completely captured my attention. Of course, Lightweight Literate was still able to switch his flow and style to become fitting to the song, and create a more personable effect. Of course, he sticks to his brand and his artistry. The next song to transition in and ”Me” begins with his hook of lightweight singing in a different language. Again, he showcases a little more versatility and shows that he is a multifaceted artist and can deliver pretty much anything and twist it into his own swag.