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Album Review: 'Superhuman,' By Iisma

From Peurto Rico to the United States, r&b/soul recording artist and singer-songwriter lisma gives us a treat for the ears with his latest smooth 7-track album, 'Superhuman.'

Born into a musically inclined family, it wasn't long until lisma got ahold of his passions and began delving into the world of salsa music. When landing in the United States, lisma felt gravitated to the r&b/soul scene, and his vocals were a clear match for the genre. Now releasing his debut album 'Superhuman,' let's give you the rundown of what you're in for.

The experience unlocks with the introductory track, "Chasing Lies," which shimmers open with bright effects and warm piano melodies alongside lisma's lush and dreamy vocals. While expanding on feeling like a fool for finding love in the wrong places, lisma grooves through this sweet-sounding tune and into track number two, "Chillback, Relax."

Just like how it sounds, the album's second track offers a laidback and soothing listening experience that takes us into the depths of modern r&b. While asking his lover how he's supposed to feel when all he receives is disrespect and mind games, lisma makes the experience worthwhile with harmonious sonics and his cathartic, soulful performance.

Bringing the groove in track number three, "Caught Up," this song opens with a nostalgic 90s hip-hop drum arrangement that smoothens into a dreamy, ethereal r&b soundscape. Hints of nostalgia still ooze through the gentle sonics, but lisma's performance keeps us wrapped in all the passion and reflection he has to offer.

On the album's halfway point, "Feel the Same," lisma takes the vibe down a notch and chills our spines with this smooth-sailing, delicate, and rhythmic soundscape. While lisma opens his heart and displays incredibly vulnerable and emotional lyrics, the song's production and instrumentals keep the groove intact with the utmost soul and wonder.

Keeping the rhythm alive in track number five, "Inadequate," this song kicks off with a reggae-like electric guitar riff alongside light conga drums and lisma's chilling vocals. Although lisma uses this song to sing another relatable and emotional message of feeling inadequate, there's no doubt the instrumentation brings us into new, refreshing, and exotic places.

The r&b listening experience reaches a peak on the album's sixth track, "Free," which opens with tapping percussion and soft background synths. This entire listening venture leaves us with a desire to escape with a lover and free ourselves of life's trials and tribulations.

Hopping onto the album's last and title track, "Superhuman," this song opens with a jazzy and warm piano melody alongside light acoustic guitar strums. Once the organic drums begin tapping in, lisma channels a brighter and more optimistic mind frame while inviting us into a journey of self-discovery, release, and rejuvenation.

If there's anything to take away from lisma's debut 7-track album, 'Superhuman,' it's that anyone has the power to become a better version of themself. And with a little hard work, dedication, and some needed obstacles, you too can reach 'Superhuman' status.

Find lisma's new album, 'Superhuman,' on all digital streaming platforms.


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