Alessandro Montelli Touches on "Life" and Its Savoury Moments

From Bari, Italy, to Toronto, the Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Alessandro Montelli bring us together with his sincere single, "Life."

After studying music theory and classical piano at a young age, Alessandro Montelli later ventured into songwriting with a guitar gifted from his grandmother. Fast forward a few years, Alessandro Montelli packed up. He moved from Italy to Toronto, yet still maintained a big following back home with continuous radio rotation while also picking up media attention in Toronto.

Now releasing his genuine and dynamic single, "Life," Alessandro Montelli wrote this song a couple of years back after moving to Toronto, missing his family and finding it difficult to connect with new people. Alessandro Montelli fueled this song with incredible dynamic range, as he blasts through with upbeat Pop elements while also touching on a magnetic Alt-Rock sound.

Alessandro Montelli's "Life" begins with uplifting acoustic guitar melodies and Alessandro Montelli's bright vocal appearance as he begins to sing of making his family proud with each endeavor. Switching the vibe with a Hip-Hop drum breakdown, we feel the song's Pop atmosphere swell with help from the shimmering synths and upbeat drum patterns.

What gets the ground shaking is the whopping bassline that takes the stage at the hook, accompanied by the most exhilarating instrumentals that seep through our speakers with heart and "Life." We truly admire the versatility within this single, as Alessandro Montelli gives us the goods from all corners.

We always appreciate an upbeat banger that pays tribute to our loved ones, especially with Alessandro Montelli's dynamic single "Life," as he delivers optimistic lyricism to keep our heads up.

Seeing as you wrote your single "Life" a couple of years ago, why did you want to release it now?

Well as any other artist, usually when we come up with an idea or concept it's very easy to get caught up in the moment and the hype and wanting to release it right away and that's just normal. In my case, I had just started working with my new producers in Toronto, Adam and Bluxz, and they suggested me to build some kind of catalogue first, before starting to drop singles. But it's finally here :)

Could you take us back to your songwriting process for "Life"? What sort of lyrical themes did you want your listeners to catch and take away?

The theme of the song is just this kid who moved all the way to the other side of the ocean to pursue music hoping to make a bigger impact, at the same time realizing what "he left behind" is his own family and supporters, and kinda counting his blessing and shouting "I am gonna make ya all proud."

We truly admire the broad sonic approach you've delivered within your single "Life." What did your creative process look like when formulating the song's many transitions and sonic breakdowns?

When I came up with this song, I was just in my grandparent's basement in 2018 thinking of how much I had accomplished to that point in my journey, and as usual with my guitar in one hand and phone in the other one, I started playing some chords and humming to them (I still have the original voice note on my old phone). I soon realized the song itself had a country feel, maybe because of the way I was strumming, even though I would have never thought before I could go with that, but I loved it. Skip to a few months later when I presented the song to "Cugini hub", my producers started messing around with it and the rest is history.

Now that you're gearing up to release a new Alt-Pop EP in 2021, could you give us any hints as to what we should expect from the forthcoming project?

For sure, I have a few songs lined up for 2021 and I like to call it Alternative Pop which are the two main genres I grew up with. I am very excited to keep going and show you guys what I've been writing and recording because I feel like on all of them I have been singing my heart out like crazy! I have this song called "Leaves," which is about an interesting girl I used to date two summers ago, or this song called "Back to back," that really got me thinking on how much my approach and mindset has changed from when I used to make music in Italy to the present moment, realizing it could be hard to understand for some of my old friends and fans, but it's a process that I lived on my skin. I also have this beautiful ballad I started writing with a talented artist "Dallas Rodin" that I can't wait to finalize! But literally, shoutout to everyone I met so far and all the artists I have been lucky to work with.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Heck yeah, it has. To me honestly, networking and social media combined, has inspired me to do more and more, to keep connecting with people and even do collabs through the screen or on a zoom call. Never stop. To other artists I would say believe in your worth and talent, and keep trying to find a way to excogitate your success. Of course we all gonna have bad days and dark hours, but don't let your goals slip away, ever.