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Alex Costova Rallies Up the Roster of a Lifetime in the Meaningful, "On My Way"

The song of the summer is already here, and it goes by; “On My Way.” The latest hit single from internationally recognized artist Alex Costova, and its upbeat energy and powerful vibes are already creating a strong buzz among industry insiders with whispers that it will be the standout track for the summer. Featuring two up-and-coming female artists Jamara and J!NX!, the single is a synth-pop track that melds elements of Soul and EDM in ways that are equal parts subtle and substantial.

Transporting listeners into a world that is colorful and easing, the atmospheric realm of “On My Way,” has us immersed in infectious grooves that constantly evolve to bring an intended ambiance forth in the sonic landscape showcased. Having us swim through the electronic escapades, Alex Costova syncopates elevated vocal techniques while enlisting the euphonious timbres of both Jamara and J!NX!.

You’re simultaneously swooped into the effervescent kingdom of soul-infused lyrics, while the passion have you sinking into your seat and feasting on the entrancing essence of “On My Way.” The intention set through the purpose of this record conveys a warmth not only through the vibrant instrumentation but within its anthemic messaging that encourages people to embrace the gifts, talents, and abilities they have been blessed with. Due to the current state of the world, Alex Costova found mass importance in delivering the poignant bop in a fashion that allowed him to share the meaningful nature with Jamara and J!NX!.

Embracing the welcoming invitation of “On My Way,” the polishing strokes on this track are courtesy of engineer Shane Violette, as this collaboration reaches a newfound glory in what it’s capable of doing. Those in the industry who know about Alex Costova are clamoring to work with him and with masterpieces such as “On My Way,” it’s extremely apparent as to why.

Hello Alex, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We absolutely love the message that you etch into “On My Way.” With such a brilliant opportunity to not only create an anthem but lift people up, was there a moment in particular that inspired you to take this song to the level that you have?

We all wanted to do something great and inspiring not only for ourselves but for those who have been locked in for over a year not able to have a voice and do what they want. Covid really took a hit on a lot of us & now that we are getting back to a new normal we wanted others to not feel like they needed to hide anymore & stand up for what they want & fight for what they want in life especially their dreams & goals in life.

What was it like working with Jamara, J!NX!, and Shane Violette in order to bring this song to the final point it’s at now? How did these collaborations come to be?

Working with two brand new artists Jamara & J!NX! Has been wonderful. To watch them grow right out of the first time in the studio to what they are starting for themselves is heartwarming. It’s been fun & exciting and they are such great artists. Working with Shane is always a great pleasure. He is like a mentor to me. He’s taught me so much about the industry & how to become a better artist & songwriter by coaching. We’ve all been so motivated by this song. Shane is very professional through the whole process allowing us to get over our anxiety in the studio especially if it’s your first time. Once Shane & I heard Jamara we instantly knew she was gonna be a great fit for this song. Then Shane discovered J!NX!. We knew she was gonna be a perfect fit for our pre-chorus & bridge with her different style. We have something different in each part of this song which is beautiful.

What musical and non-musical influences do you tend to take inspiration from? Does this always stay consistent or do you find it's always transitioning?

I have always had a huge musical influence from Adam Young of Owl City & Tom Delonge of Angels & Airwaves. They have been my two biggest inspirations. With owl city’s synth-pop & Angels & Airwaves anthems with rock, they have gotten me through soo much with not only their music but their message. I hope to meet them & collaborate someday. I’ve found myself transitioning to future bass & acoustic genres lately. Gryffin has been a great influence lately. The Lost Kings is another great band. Loving the vibes.

How have you grown since the creation of “On My Way,” to this moment in time?

Honestly, I’ve grown from having nothing to something. A legacy. Some form of appreciation not only for the music business but for the creation of beautiful music. It’s awesome to see Jamara & J!NX! Grow as well since the creation too. They have futures in the industry I’m looking forward to seeing them all grow up & pursue their dreams.

What's next for you?

Well, not a whole lot. I’m going to be taking a break for a little to promote our new song & get as big of an audience as possible & I’m looking into releasing the official music video with the team here in a few weeks & also starting to fi d a booking agent to start doing g some solo showstopper get my feet wet as they say in the aspect of the performing arts of live shows. Once that’s all said and done I’d love to see how much we have all grown since then.

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