Alex Cottom Will Have Listeners Reminiscing On Their Past Life In, "Lose Ourselves"

United Kingdom native Alex Cottom examines the feeling of earning the simplicity of the past in his newest single “Lose Ourselves."

This singer-songwriter’s roots lie within his previous band The Verse where he was driven by his love for releasing music and performing. Alex is truly filled with excitement to begin playing and writing music as a solo artist for his musical growth and happy connection with listeners.

This new single beams with these feelings and his ability to look back and recognize the good times from his current point in life. “Lose Ourselves” is an emotion-filled track that connects an individual to their roots. Each lyric reminisces of a simpler past where Alex was happiest.

This new single is able to capture the joy of the past with its upbeat motion and supporting band. Vocals like “let’s relive another day” capture his complete bliss within and sense of fun although he is now grown. Alex's light vocal tone embodies a sound above the clouds and is able to wisk listeners away into his compelling storyline with each verse.

Encouragement and connection are inescapable within this piece and we can not wait to see Alex's growth as an artist as he moves forward releasing music post-success of this single. We can't wait to see what's in store next for this talented artist.

Your new track is filled with so many emotions and you mentioned it ties into reminiscing on the simplicity of the past as you grow up. What was the process like when creating this piece and what kind of personal experience did you draw on?

Thank you for having me (and thanks for the interview!). Going into the studio I had a very rigid idea of what the song would sound like. 12 hours later I left with something entirely different. Until that point, I'd been working on the song alone but having a second pair of ears, who made me listen to the story in the lyrics, enabled me to consider the different direction the track could go in. The song takes on a different meaning depending on what mood I'm in but I seem to always come back to the feeling of nostalgia. There's something quite comforting thinking about how simple things were as a child and the complete lack of responsibility you have - I wouldn't mind ​going back to those days!

Would you say you have any successful artists you look to for inspiration, if so, who are they and why?

It's interesting because the artists that I have on repeat all day don't completely match up to the sound of the song​. I love listening to Declan McKenna for his songwriting and storytelling in his lyrics, Rex Orange County for composition and inspiring funky chord progressions, and listening to bands like Børns, Wallows, Blossoms, and Two Door Cinema Club to get a good vibe going.

How has the songwriting process differed now that you are creating solo tracks in comparison to your time in ‘The Verse’?

I love this question! It's both liberating and scary, to be honest. In a band you always have the security of collaboration - we'd get to the end of a writing and recording session and say "Yeah, that sounds like The Verse". On your own there's the autonomy and freedom of "being your own boss" but discovering what your own sound is, is a process... one I'm still working on. I'm really looking forward to spending time in the studio playing around with sounds and ideas that I would not have tried previously.

How have you been able to manage the Covid-19 pandemic situation in regards to your music creation and release and what are you looking most forward to achieving ‘post-pandemic’?

Maybe unusually, the pandemic has given me more freedom and a real chance to step back and assess exactly what I love about music - there's a lot to be said for just sitting down and being creative. I miss gigs - seeing people, playing live, the buzz you get being in a random venue somewhere in the UK having the best time playing to crowds of people. That's what I can't wait for - simply getting back into a pub and playing gigs.

What can we expect to see next?

I'm back in the studio soon recording my next single and I have a music video coming out too! The next song is going to be upbeat, vibey, and very Summery. I'm enjoying being creative and discovering what my sound is and hope to release more music throughout the year. Thank you so much for the great questions! I can't wait to catch up with you guys in the future.