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Alex Julia Glimmers Rays of Optimism in, "Like the Sun"

Twenty-seven-year-old New Jersey singer-songwriter, Alex Julia delivers on her latest release “Like the Sun,” with apparent, albeit non-genre specific pop, rock, and indie influences.

Marked by a relentless drive for balance and harmony, as her Libra zodiac sign suggests, Alex Julia’s music resides in the chiaroscuro of love and loss, and in truth and deceit. In succession to her recent EP ‘Better Part of Me,’ she continues to garner attention worldwide.

Seeping into our home sound system with her fascinating arrangement of opulent guitar riffs, Alex Julia sheds rays of light in her most recent single, “Like the Sun.” The overall composition is nimble with shadowy depth portrayed in a resonant vocalization hooked on the narrative of renewed energy amid a solitary life and isolation.

Fusing together a sound that is buoyant with pop tenors, there’s a bluesy feel to this record as we progress in a way that musically incorporates the high and lows of life. Breaking through the mesmerizing chime of the illuminated guitar chords strummed, we hear prevailing keys, as well as a mellow and distorted bassline riddled with a groove to accompany the driving percussion. Alex Julia’s misty timbres create a sense of comfort that wraps us up in a blanket of security.

Singing themes of finding light and fulfillment after a life of self-reliance, her lyrical motifs represent a brilliant succession of timing and spatial cues that encourage each musical component to shine on its own and in the miscellany of moods fashioned in amalgamation. Alex Julia has a knack for transporting us to the mindset she exemplifies in her passion-filled croons. “Like the Sun,” follows in the footsteps of her magnetic essence and shows us she is headed in the right direction.

Hello Alex and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the message that you capture in “Like the Sun.” How did this concept come to the full-on release of this single?

This song started as an acoustic pop ballad. I wanted it to be a positive uplifting love song and center around how someone can be of such importance in your life as the world needs the sun to survive. I realized it had some rock elements, so I teamed up with producer Patrick Wörner to collaborate more layered guitar riffs and piano. He understood the concept perfectly and it worked out really well. What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to shape your exclusive sound?

I am very influenced by all types of music. I have always listened to mostly rock and hip hop but I pretty much jam to everything. My parents had introduced me to artists like Prince and David Bowie which gave me a lot of inspiration. I had seen Prince live as a kid and shortly after that, I picked up the saxophone. As a teenager, I listened to a lot of 90's grunge and alternative music. Nonmusic influences have been the wonderful people who have been supporting my music throughout the years. In terms of the themes and messages portrayed, what are you hoping your audience grasps from “Like the Sun?"

I want this song to bring others joy and emotional support. The vibe to me is like a feel-good song. I wanted to bring positive vibes to the world as we have all been through so much the past few years. I want to inspire other artists to keep on creating. It's also a queer love song written for my significant other. I want people to listen to this and feel happy that love comes in so many different forms. How do this beautiful song's message and musical sounds compare to other pieces heard in your music catalog? What does it say about you as an artist?

I think this song is a lot more uplifting compared to most of my songs. Most of my songs are based on emotional trauma and healing through music. It is mostly an indie pop/rock song and has some country vibes that were a different direction for me. This is also the first song I recorded in my home studio so it's also special to me in that sense. I see this song as the next chapter of my music career and I'm excited to see where this goes.



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