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Alex Julia Offers a Glimmer of Hope With Her Debut EP, 'Better Part of Me'

New Jersey’s own Alex Julia is making a name for herself as a shining singer/songwriter with the debut of her recent EP, 'Better Part of Me.'

Alex Julia’s musical journey started off with her playing live shows across New Jersey, she then began to write about her life experiences along the way. Her path to discovering her true self has taught her that we are not identified by just one thing, but rather all the little things put together. Music has always been the way Alex Julia feels most confident in expressing herself, and she is constantly striving to be her most authentic self as an artist.

The goal behind the release of her debut EP, 'Better Part of Me,' was to offer a glimmer of hope for everyone going through tough times in 2020.

Currently, Alex Julia is working on getting back into the live shows once it is safe to do so. She is also working on the release of an animated music video for her single "What's Going On" that listeners can look forward to in the next few weeks.



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