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Alex2e Reminds Us That It's Not Wrong to Feel, "Lonely"

Hailing from Western Massachusetts, the singer-songwriter, Alternative artist, and storyteller Alex2e brings listeners into the struggles of young adulthood with his latest single, "Lonely."

While recovering from major surgery in 2012, Alex2e picked up his sister's beat-up guitar and began writing. Which is when words became lyrics, and bathroom video covers turned into gigs. While supporting national acts such as Howie Day, Aaron Carter, Shawn James, and more, Alex2e has now received over 250k streams since his debut in 2019.

With his latest single, "Lonely," Alex2e felt inclined to create a piece that depicts the struggles of getting older and attempting to maintain the friendships and social life we had in our 20s.

While blending electronic and full band elements, the single offers an uplifting vibe through its anthemic feel and empowering lyricism.

Hitting play on Alex2e's single, "Lonely," the track begins with short keyboard melodies that bring a warm Alternative atmosphere. While a bright acoustic guitar and anthemic piano enter the track, Alex2e makes his appearance and starts singing an emotional yet empowering message reminding us that it's not wrong to feel "Lonely."

We adore the positive and optimistic lyricism that Alex2e captures within this piece, and he sings the authentic message of change and finding pleasure within our growth. Ending the song with an exhilarating instrumental that brings the energy of an entire band, we're nothing but lifted after experiencing a single like this.

Make sure to take a listen to Alex2e's empowering, relatable, and the anthemic single "Lonely," as he reminds us of the normality in loneliness as we change and grow.

When did you begin creating your empowering single "Lonely," and what pushed you to write about the theme of loneliness? I wrote the framework for it about a year and a half ago. It was one of those songs that I felt really good about off the bat (which rarely happens for me) but didn't want to rush it - I felt like I wasn't doing it justice at the time. I waited a bit and began reworking it with my friend and fellow singer-songwriter Brian Jarvis. He helped me tweak a few small things and it began to really take shape. The theme itself was really just my own realization of how different things become socially when we get older. I've been lucky enough to have such a loyal, great group of friends for a long time. I guess it really just stemmed from not having as much time with those people as I would like - but for all the best reasons. Friends starting families, having kids, and all the great stuff that comes with young adulthood. Could you tell us what it was like working with Ghost Hit Recording and Andrew Oedel for your single "Lonely"? What was your creative process like? Working with Andrew on this was fantastic. I’ve worked with him previously on my debut EP ‘Half-Grown’ in 2018 and the experience is always top-notch. He creates a very easy environment for the artist to feel like they can be themselves. As far as the creative process, I worked with my longtime friend and drummer Sean Croteau on the production for this track. We spent about 4-6 weeks building the song and getting everything in line. Given the state of things with Covid, we spent a ton of time on Zoom hashing things out and really took our time. This is Sean’s first track that he’s produced solo and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. He deserves so much credit for making this song what it turned out to be. Seeing as you're a known storyteller, how did you write the lyrics for "Lonely" to be so relatable on a universal level? I appreciate that a lot! I feel like the most relatable songs come from a place where you’re not necessarily trying to be relatable. My most honest ones have kind of just spilled out through thoughts or even just scenarios that I had bouncing in my head. I think this one became very relatable because it touches on what everyone feels to some level. Prioritizing important friendships, the pressures of social media, and just missing how accessible friendships were when we were younger. What do you hope to achieve with your music? How do you want your listeners to perceive you through your music? Without sounding super cliché, I really just want people to believe me. To believe the lyrics they’re hearing as genuine and to relate to them in some way. I feel that’s what songwriting is all about. As far as achieving, I’d like to continue to build a fan base and really try and take the next step toward licensing my music/building my brand on streaming platforms. 2020 was my best year ever as far as overall streams/listeners and Id love to continue to improve on that. What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2021? A lot more music. I have another single set to be released shortly after this one and am hoping to get another recorded shortly after that. Quarantining a lot of this past year has allowed me to really write more than I ever have and I'm excited to start sharing some of those songs. I’m also hoping for touring to come back at some point (as most musicians are) and have the opportunity to get back out there and play for people in person.



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