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Alexa Hodzic Grieves The Loss Of Someone Special In A New Single, "As A Dream (feat. Olio)"

Los Angeles native, singer-songwriter, actor, and musician Alexa Hodzic releases her profoundly emotional and striking new single, "As A Dream (feat. Olio)."

Alexa Hodzic grew up immersed in all things entertainment. She started acting, singing, and dancing at the mere age of three. Besides her music career, Hodzic is a Cali girl at heart who loves music, the beach, and baseball. She strives to create music that resonates and connects with people.

It's safe to say that mission comes to life in Alexa Hodzic's third studio single, "As A Dream (feat. Olio)." Her father, Arif, is the singer/guitarist in Olio and started the band with DeHaven Carrington 25 years ago. After DeHaven tragically passed, Alexa Hodzic felt compelled to create a song in his honor alongside his bandmates.

The new single, "As A Dream (feat. Olio)," softly opens with gentle piano melodies, Barry Chenault's crisp drums, and Arif Hodzic's brilliant electric guitar. As Alexa Hodzic makes her bright yet emotional vocal appearance, she begins expanding on her growing pain for losing someone dear.

The song quickly blasts through our speakers and expands into this anthemic and angsty banger on the hook. Alexa Hodzic belts her vocals and yearns for someone to return to this plane.

As we move through the song, Olio's rich and dense instrumentals perfectly back up Alexa Hodzic's emotional lyrical theme while punching our speakers with powerful bursts of energy. This song is packed with natural, authentic emotion, and we're sure any listener who's experienced the death of a loved one will feel seen and heard.

Grieve in the right way with help from Alexa Hodzic's emotionally-rich and dynamic third single, "As A Dream," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Alexa Hodzic. You've honestly moved us with your emotional and dense third single, "As A Dream." What inspired you to write this deeply personal and vulnerable anthem for grieving?

Thank you so much, that means everything to me. As a performer and a creator, I often turn to writing music as an emotional outlet. When I found out my Uncle De passed away it was all-consuming. He was a huge part of my life and it took me about a year after his passing before I could start writing “As A Dream”. The loss of someone so important in your life has a huge impact, and the only way I could express that was through my music.

What was it like working with the band Olio for "As A Dream?" Do you feel this collaboration helped immortalize DeHaven Carrington's impact on you and Olio?

Working with Olio on “As A Dream” was an absolute dream come true. My dad, Arif Hodzic, started the band with drummer DeHaven Carrington 25 years ago. They were such close friends and were extremely connected on a musical level. As I was writing “As A Dream” I knew the only way to truly pay homage to De was to have Olio — which now includes De’s mentor, Barry Chenault (George Clinton & P-FUNK All-Stars, Gap Band, Boo-Yaa Tribe) on drums and Kelley Hill on bass, and Arif Hodzic on guitar/lead vocal — back me up. The process of creating this song with Olio has been such joy on so many levels. Being able to witness a song that I created, about someone so immensely important to me be brought to life with Olio was the absolute best experience. I felt so supported and so loved throughout the entire process.

What was your songwriting process like for "As A Dream?" Does this song cover all that you wanted to say to Carrington before he passed?

“As A Dream,” tells the story of my grieving process. The pain, the anger, but most importantly the longing. I was, and still am, so mad at him for leaving this world. The way I started the grieving process was by shutting everyone out. To try and wrap my head around the fact that someone who was so important to me is gone, was and is unimaginable. The writing process for this song was quite long, I wanted it to be perfect for him, and I wanted him to be proud of me. The most important takeaway from this song is that the biggest emotion for me is longing with all the pain that comes from grief. I just want him back. To feel his hug, and hear his laugh again.

Would you say songs about death and the grieving process is new territory for you? How does "As A Dream" contrast your previous two singles?

Writing songs about death and the grieving process is definitely new territory for me. My first single “Juggler” is about a breakup, and my second single “These Days” is about living in the moment. There’s a big difference with “As A Dream” as writing about losing a loved one tells an immensely different story. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve been with my music so far. And I think that’s what makes it so beautiful. All of my songs are quite different, and yet they’re all very true, and real. The one thing all my songs have in common is that they’re all based on personal experiences. I like to think of my songs as pages out of my diary that I’m letting the world in on.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on my next single, as well as creating a setlist so I can start performing my music live! I’ve written quite a few songs now, so I’ll be recording and releasing an EP soon. Lastly, I’ve recently booked a pilot that will start filming by the end of 2022.


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