Alexandra DeMattia Brings A New Meaning To The Holidays With, "Christmas Drip"

From New Jersey to Los Angeles, the playful recording artist and experimental singer-songwriter Alexandra DeMattia return with a spicy and sultry Christmas tune entitled "Christmas Drip."

After releasing her critically acclaimed debut EP 'Chapter Two,' Alexandra DeMattia quickly became a known face in the independent music industry. Now, two EPs and thousands of streams later, DeMattia is settled in Los Angeles and ready to bring more creative and groovy pop and r&b tracks to the masses.

Recently dropping one of the greatest Christmas tracks we've heard to date, "Christmas Drip" embodies everything that a modern-day holiday tune should. With an undeniably spicy r&b groove and Alexandra DeMattia's contemporary hip-hop approach, she makes it difficult to ignore such a playful and exciting bop to get down with all holiday season.

Listening to "Christmas Drip," the bop kicks off with dreamy and light r&b keys and Alexandra DeMattia's sultry vocal delivery alongside a shimmering beat. She continues to put a modern spin on classic Christmas themes like asking Santa for someone special and how her milk and cookies are the freshest, which ultimately leaves us wildly impressed with her lyrical abilities.

"Was nice this year, but I can be so naughty ooh," is definitely one of our favorite lines on the new track. Alexandra DeMattia has this certain energy and charisma that truly leaves our attention locked on the young singer-songwriter. We're highly appreciative of such an innovative rendition of Christmas tunes, and we're more than excited to bump this banger at our holiday parties.

Fire up your holiday season with Alexandra DeMattia's latest hit, "Christmas Drip," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on the release of your dynamic 4-track EP, 'Chapter Two.' What inspired the creation of this project in general? When did you begin executing ideas for this EP?

Thank you so much. So, “Chapters” is a four-part listening experience. I started this project in 2019, wrote the majority of it during lockdown (2020), and am still finalizing writing the chapters to come, so this has been my life for the last two years. Since there were so many songs, I figured the best way for my fans to enjoy them would be to break them down into mini EPs that go in chronological order of how the events happened, each Chapter is a different mood and tells a different story. The Chapter I just released, (Chapter Two) was mainly written in 2020.

Regarding the haunting and alluring intro track, "High," what moment or experience inspired the song's lyrical theme?

High is about a wild night out. So picture a (pre covid) packed club, being under the influence, feeling someone, and wanting them at that moment. When I heard the beat for the first time, the phrase “When We’re High” instantly popped into my head and I knew that’s what the song was going to be about. The beat felt hot and sexy just like the event that inspired it so I wanted the lyrics to match.

Why did you choose to place "High" as the intro track for your EP, 'Chapter Two'? How does the song set the tone for the entire project?

I chose to place “High” as the intro to the Chapter because simply put, there would be no Chapter Two had the night “High” was written about hadn’t happened. This chapter details a lusty, drunken one-night stand turning into me ultimately falling head over heels (way too fast).

What's next for you?

Finishing the final touches on Chapter Three & Four and getting excited to release them, doing live shows finally again now that things reopening, and hopefully doing some cool visuals for Chapter Two.