Alexandra DeMattia & Bryant Lamar Join Us On BuzzMusic To Talk About New Music!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Bryant Lamar and Alexandra DeMattia! how has it been performing around the coast of California? has the energy been inspiring for you as an artist?

Alexandra: Thank you for having us! Performing is such a surreal feeling. There’s honestly nothing like it. It’s the biggest rush ever. It’s been so inspiring seeing people who know my music as well as those who don’t vibing to the songs. I feed off their energy. They make me even more hyped.

Bryant: It has been awesome. I just did an event out in Oakland and the love and support was absolutely amazing. It feels good to be noticed and each show just confirms that I’m doing exactly I am meant to do.

With your multi-faceted background in various instruments and musicality, how does this benefit your artistry today?

Bryant: Being a music producer/engineer first has been a big advantage. Having spent years recording other artists and bands definitely allows me to diversify my sound, both in the studio and lends a hand to perform in different music venues.

Where do you find most of your influence on your music Bryant Lamar and Alexandra DeMattia?

Bryant: I see music as a movie, it’s honestly less about the music and more about the feeling.

Alexandra: Things I am experiencing or have experienced in my own life. I love writing about life.

What could be the most challenging aspect of writing a song and why?