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Alexandra DeMattia Says She's "Over It" in a Hot New Release

The New Jersey-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Alexandra DeMattia returns with a new and engaging single, "Over It," off her latest 2-track EP, 'Chapter Three.'

Back in July, we had the pleasure of featuring Alexandra DeMattia's hit single, "High," off the EP, 'Chapter Two' which left us feeling all sorts of passionate and sensual emotions. Now on track to releasing the EP, 'Chapter Three,' we're excited to hear what Alexandra DeMattia has been up to these days. "I feel like in this Chapter, I was able to let all of my feelings out while also experimenting as a writer and with a new style of sound for me," said DeMattia.

Expanding on the lead single and intro track, "Over It," listeners are able to properly reacquaint themselves with Alexandra DeMattia's haunting vocal approaches and her dreamy sonic backgrounds. This song is more than chilling; it offers this dense and mysterious landscape that highlights the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship.

Hitting play on "Over It," the track begins with a hazy electric guitar melody that sets the haunting and powerful tone. As Alexandra DeMattia makes her way into the first verse, the punchy drum breaks and powerful sub-bass begin to seep through our speakers while she sings of feeling down and out due to a tumultuous relationship.

We love Alexandra DeMattia's ability to portray the many emotions one goes through when breaking up with a lover, as she does it so effortlessly and paints various images that are nothing but relatable. As she makes her way to the song's end, we feel this inner sense of clarity thanks to DeMattia's lyricism of moving onward and upward.

Experience the power and ambiance of Alexandra DeMattia's latest hit, "Over It," and find the rest of her 'Chapter Three' EP on all digital streaming platforms.

We're always infatuated with the emotion and passion you place into your songs, especially "Over It," welcome back to BuzzMusic Alexandra. When did you begin feeling inspired to write a song about parting ways with someone for the better?

Thank you so much. A goal for me is always to evoke emotion for the listeners as I feel emotions so intensely. I started working on this track literally hours after I parted ways with someone I loved deeply. Ultimately, I knew it was for the better even though that was so painful to come to terms with. I knew this song would start the healing process for me, which is why I started it so quickly after.

Who produced your flaming hot and sultry sonics for "Over It?" What vibe did you want the production to offer?

My long-time friend and collaborator, Dara JT produced this beat. When I told him the concept of the song he delivered the perfect production and really brought the dark vibe I wanted to accomplish.

Was it easy for you to paint such intense and emotional scenes with your lyrical content for "Over It?" What was your songwriting process like?

Originally, I wrote the first version of the song. I then called on a friend / co-writer I enjoy working with, Majesty, because I wanted someone to bounce ideas off of to capture exactly how I was feeling. I love the way he and I write together and I think we tackled the idea and made a song I really love.

Is the 'Chapter Three' EP the final installment of this series? Or might there be a 'Chapter Four' somewhere down the line?

'Chapter Four' will be the final chapter and it will be dropping before the year ends. It ends the whole “Chapters” era with a really upbeat and positive tone. I can’t wait, this whole project has been the most fun I’ve ever had creatively.


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