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Alexandra Fresquez Is “in Love with Love” with Her New Single - Listen Now!

From New Mexico to Los Angeles, today we have new music from the amazing Alexandra Fresquez with her new smashing song, “In Love With Love”. Let’s dive in here. “In Love With Love” is a Pop song, through and through. The musical vibe here is something that you could hear on Pop Top 40 radio and has all of the elements. From guitar work and synth to ripping vocals and electronic style drums, this song has it all. Production-wise, the track is very much so up to the industry standards and crosses off all of the boxes, especially with the vocal production being upfront and center. The vocal performance by Alexandra is unreal and super on point. She showcases what her voice is capable of doing and how far she can bend from one end to the other of the spectrum.

The mix of the song is also fantastic, everything sits really well together and compliments one another, leaving this song to be flawless and nothing else. Lyrically, the song is super interesting and intelligent. She really has a way with words and it seems to be working well for her! We are in love with “In Love With Love” and we think you would be too! Make sure to check out Alexandra Fresquez and dive into her music. 

Listen to "in Love With Love" here.

Hey Alexandra and welcome to BuzzMusic! You're originally from Roswell, NM but moved to Los Angeles to pursue your music career. Can you tell us how the move to LA has impacted your musical journey

Thank you guys for the opportunity to talk with you again! LA completely changed my musical journey, I met so many people that were so encouraging, and motivating, and helped me take the right steps towards my dreams. I am currently living back in New Mexico right now to be closer to my family but will be moving back in the near future.

Your words to live by are "never let YOU get in the way of your dreams, and your potential. You're the only one who has that power". What would you tell someone who's just starting out?

I would say, don’t be afraid to go out, and get things done on your own, always try to learn more, and ask those around you for advice and help, and what things to avoid, and don’t just take one person’s advice. Take a step every day towards your dreams, even if it’s just a small one, keep moving, and don’t take too much to heart, when you get rejected. Also, you always have something to learn, so stay humble, and you’ll get a lot more help.

We love your new single "In Love With Love". What's the inspiration behind it?

I am so happy you guys love it! Thank you for listening! The inspiration for this song is like every other relationship I find myself in. I think a lot of people can relate to this idea, and feeling of being in love, but not with the actual person. It’s so much fun going through the act of falling and being in love, without actually realizing the truth about the relationship. I took real-life examples, of these relationships, and put them all into one. I think it’s the most honest I’ve been about myself in a song. I hope everyone can relate to it, or find their own way to relate. A song is always what it uniquely means to a person.

"In Love With Love" showcases your vocals and lyric ability flawlessly. Can you tell us a bit about the creative process when a new song idea comes to you

Yes, so I’ll try to write different concepts down in my phone notes, and then usually one just stands out to me, and I know I just really want to go for that idea. I then sent this idea to Brooke Tomlinson, who is amazing at helping me put all my ideas together, and we wrote it over facetime. Then I went to Nashville to record it with Andrew Gomez.

What's next for Alexandra Fresquez?

I am working on a couple of new songs, and I am also very excited to say that I got my first placement on MTV recently, through Activista Music, so I’m really hoping to try and get more. Also just doing more shows, as well as working with different artists on their projects. You can stay updated through social media. Thank you guys again for letting me have the chance to talk with you! Always a pleasure!


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