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Alexi Paraschos Serenades Us With His Charming New Single, “Skyline”

Alexi Paraschos smoothly glides across the instrumental as he writes about how he always tries to get closer to his better half and sings beautifully in his newest song, "Skyline."

Originally from Boston and now residing in Los Angeles, Alexi Paraschos has developed many achievements being an independent artist. Back in 2009, Alexi was working a job at an insurance company, where he wrote lyrics for what would become the company song. He soon realized his talents were going to waste, and he could do more if he changed direction. His music has been featured in numerous media outlets like New York Times, and his music has also been used in shows like MTV and VH1. He aims to speak on experiences and bring them across in the most beautiful manner.

"Skyline" brings us the most exciting yet intimate feel as it blooms through the instrumental. It allows Alexi to feed off his experiences and energy boldly; we simultaneously feel the smooth sailing vibes and relate to it.

As we enter the world of Alexi Paraschos, we discover the serene, smooth way in which his music makes us feel. He starts bringing the instrumental to a beautiful place as we cannot wait to hear what he has to offer. He glides his way through the speakers as he talks about how he sees his everyday life and always wants to get closer to his other half; his vocals and melodies create a safe space for us to listen to and enjoy.

"Skyline," tells us the story of how he feels when he says his love and how it changed him as a person. The vibe of the song shows as he uses all these unique elements that form into this beautiful single.

As we are about to end off, Alexi sings, "When the world is acting crazy, you give me peace of mind." And as he serenades his listeners into the all-so-beautiful chorus, he sings, "Skyline, my world is on fire."

We can see how Alexi Paraschos's hard work and endless writing paid off as he blossomed in "Skyline."

Listen to "Skyline," available now on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Alexi Paraschos; we feel the emotion and strife in your single "Skyline". What inspired this beautiful, heartfelt piece?

All of my songs on my most recent project are inspired by my (now) wife (we had a pandemic wedding!). We also just moved to Los Angeles from Philly, which has a very distinctive skyline, so the idea came from the love of my wife and the city of Philadelphia. What was your songwriting process like for "Skyline?" Would you say it was somewhat cathartic, considering your performance is so passionate?

I loved the idea of a skyline as a metaphor for someone's lover. And I think there is a sense of home that comes with being in love that is similar to the way one feels when gazing out at a beautiful skyline. The song always felt like a summer evening on a city rooftop, and I wanted to keep that feel throughout it. How does "Skyline" contrast your previous releases? How does the song stand out regarding lyricism, sound, and the overall atmosphere?

Most of the songs on my latest project, "Love Odyssey," are romantic love songs with a pop/R&B vibe. We were definitely aiming for a Michael Jackson "Off The Wall" kind of vibe, with songs that groove and are just classic and timeless. I think this song fits in perfectly with what we were aiming to do, but it also features me playing the talkbox, which is something I'd never done and was a very cool experience. How can listeners get to know you more personally with "Skyline?"How does this song represent you?

For the music video, I wanted to pay tribute to my 1yr old son and our relationship. The video shows my cross-country drive from Philadelphia to L.A. that I made this past January and uses my relationship with my son as a way to show it. Because of this, and all of the big life changes that have happened to us over the last three years, this is the most meaningful video I've ever done, and I hope people enjoy it!

What's next for you?

Just hit the ground running here in Los Angeles! We still have a few more videos from "Love Odyssey" that we'll be releasing through the rest of the year. But otherwise, connecting with some L.A. producers, building my team out here, and working on new music for the next project next year!


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