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Alexia Trif Tells Us How Lovers Can Change in Her Single, “Hidden”

Born in raised in Blaj, a small town from Transylvania. The young, talented, Romanian singer, Alexia Trif decided to chase her dreams of becoming a successful singer in the UK. Moving to London, 3 years ago for a new start, Alexia Trif prepared to learn everything she could about music and has begun her educational journey at the University of West London- London College of Music.

First inspired at the young age of six by the words and moves of Michael Jackson she was instantly hooked on seeking out her love for music. She also states that musicians like; Rihanna, Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez and The Weekend are her additional muses.

Hidden”, was first released on Spotify, October 25th with her music video following shortly after on November 14th. The song is written about her feeling lost after breaking up with her boyfriend shortly before moving to London. Alexia Trif illustrates her desire to find the man she first fell with and beautifully intertwines in the lyrics, “where have you hidden”. This emotionally written pieced fuses both R&B, Cinematic and Hip-Hop influences. I love how she begins with, “I don’t know how it happened…. you left me crying”, so captivating and draws me into to her vocal ranges and sadness.

Motivated to express herself through music and avoid industry standards she has signed with an independent label, Blue Sound Records. A label who fully supports her views and passions. We can’t wait for more singles to come and the singer states that hopefully her first album will be released by the next of summer! Listen to “Hidden” here.


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