Alexis Corey Empowers on Latest EP, 'I'll Sing'

Soulful Pop artist Alexis Corey has been making strong waves with her recently released sound. As a singer/songwriter from New York City, Alexis Corey is on an empowering journey, and she's wanting to share all of what she's learned with her listeners; thus, the birth of her EP, 'I'll Sing' arose.

Alexis Corey has endured a ton of life lessons and has cultivated an EP that poignantly expresses each one with grace. After surpassing many difficult obstacles, Alexis Corey decided to put all of her wisdom and energy into her music career, which was ultimately a pure outlet for her. With motives of lifting up the spirits of listeners, all while proclaiming her own truth, Alexis Corey proves that the power of music is all-too present and can be used to one's own advantage in finding themselves.

The EP begins with "Just Breathe", a powerful and impactful ballad, with Alexis Corey reclaiming her truth and expressing absolute gentility within each and every lyric as a result. "Just Breathe" follows along with the storyline of pain, as well as the tribulations surrounding the manifestation and remedy of such pain. With an integral message with tons of value to extract from, "Just Breathe" reminds listeners to be freer and more open with themselves in a variety of ways. With such a moving theme, inevitably the production follows suit with the poignant style, introducing dynamic collections of abundant instrumentals. With a heavy piano presence, "Just Breathe" is rooted in uplifting listeners, despite the reality of some of its memorandums.

The second track of the EP consists of the song, "Waiting", which immediately unravels a calm sensation across listening ears with a soft piano melody. "Waiting" slows things down quite a bit, and brings the focus onto the power of adoration. Alexis Corey's impressionable vocalism takes over (surprise, surprise), which only works to further empower the thought-provoking record. Alexis Corey goes on a journey with listeners in "Waiting", exploring the themes of self-love, projected love, and the intricacies involved in recognizing painful love.

All in all, "Waiting" takes a microscopic look at the heart of Alexis Corey, offering true moments of reflective introspection, and allowing her audience to understand the blunt realities of adoration itself. "Time to Fly" follows "Waiting", and offers a beautiful transition into the essence of the track, where the directive of self-exploration and emergence into one's true character gets easily translated once again.

"Time to Fly" focuses on bringing out the reality of hardship, and how to mindfully mitigate the obstacles that can arise within one's own soul. Alexis Corey sings, 'Been running for so long, away from home and all I know' Time has passed me by, now it is my time to fly", which ignites a sense of power in conquering deeply rooted adversity in certain calamities within the own mind. A compelling melody remains consistent throughout "Time to Fly", but it's really the voice of Alexis Corey that'll keep one fixated on the track. The EP's fourth track, "Tonight", shakes things up a bit with the chosen melody, as the song hones into a beautiful combination of delicate guitar chords with a more contemporary, persistent beat. "Tonight" is similar to its previous three tracks, and yet, contains a narrative that's a bit disparate from the others. The song ventures into the complications of external influence, especially when that influence can cause perplexing emotions that result in self-reflection. "Tonight" has a faster tempo, and ultimately leaves us feeling empowered, simply from the melody alone. But, as you know, the vocal sound of Alexis Corey takes over the song, as her powerful dynamics provide a true sense of allurement. The fifth and final track of the EP, "Sing" perfectly ties into the potent theme of the EP. Alexis Corey begins off by expressing dreams, memories, and emotions that surround her life. Even further, "Sing" vocalizes the true intention of Alexis Corey's music, and her soulful purpose in creating such inspiring music. "Sing" outlines the effect that music can truly take in one's life, and the strong influence it contains. The track is all about purity, freedom, opportunity, and the overall power of oneself. Inevitably, the production contains an upbeat rhythm that naturally ties into the track's projected message, allowing the inspirational effect to double itself.

All in all, Alexis Corey's EP proved to be meticulously strung together with emotionally expressive truths and heartrending narratives; such aspects only leave us wanting more of Alexis Corey's anecdotal wisdom.

Hello Alexis and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. It's no surprise to any listener that your latest EP is packed full with eloquently articulated personal collections of your own truths. Out of each and every track on the EP, which track do you feel was the most affecting for you?

It most definitely is and that’s something I pride myself on when doing my writing. I am as open, vulnerable, and transparent with my writings so that I can reach people’s hearts at their core. It is so hard to choose, quite honestly, as each and every song holds a special place in my heart. I wrote Breathe about how I felt overcoming my past, trauma, and all of the emotions that were coming up during lockdown as it was quite a revealing time for me as I’m sure it was for many. Waiting is the song that I wrote to my wife after being able to come out as a gay woman this year. I had repressed myself and my desire for love and for women for so long that I felt I was hiding in someone else’s skin. It was such a painful process to come out as I feared judgment and a loss of love and approval from friends and family. However, it has been such a beautiful experience getting to find and execute the courage and dedication to self required to be me despite what I think others will say or if they will approve. I love my wife and I’m so grateful I took the opportunity to get to know her and more so myself and who I truly am inside. I spent a long time in really toxic and abusive relationships and so to be in a relationship where there is mutual love and respect is quite a gift! I stand with those who have been through domestic violence and who are suffering. There is a way out. I wrote Time to Fly about my transformative journey of becoming an awakened being ready to use my gifts and talents to inspire the world. This one really speaks to how much we try to hide and are truly afraid of our light and gifts which are truly sent to set us free. I believe we all have the capability to do anything we desire in this life and that it is very much possible and quite frankly probable if we are willing to face ourselves, ready to do the work, and have faith in the process. I’m developing events for other artists for just this at the moment as art, music, and creativity are, in my personal opinion, the highest form of expression one can have in this life. I want people to transmute their pain into art in order to set themselves free and change the world. You could say it’s my mission in life! Tonight is about how I always felt lost navigating my internal landscape and was really resistant to receiving love from anyone else. Deep down I didn’t feel worthy of it. So when I met my wife, for the first time in my life I understood why nothing else worked. They say that when you fall in love, you’ll know. I never believed that. Now I most definitely do. The last song “I’ll Sing” encapsulates why I feel I am here on this Earth. I sing for those who are still suffering who do not believe in themselves, feel oppressed in some way, are looking for the light inside of them and who desire something different. I hope to inspire millions with my experience and to touch their hearts through the sound and sentiment of my music. So much love for us humans! So the answer is, I can’t choose one as I love them all! Each one comes from the heart to touch the heart!

As the EP follows a passionate and revealing storyline, how were you hoping your listeners would interpret the overall narrative?

I hope that when people hear this album it takes them on a journey through their own transformation as I am sharing just that. I have transformed so much pain and grief and I know that each and every single human being can do it too. I want people to listen to the songs when they need the inspiration to get through the day, to motivate themselves, to change their frequency into one that provides inspiration to go on and to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. I want to show others that they too can overcome any obstacle in their lives and live happily in their own skin. We all deserve to be happy and free! It is our birthright!

From start to finish, your EP focused on beautiful harmonies that paired extremely well with their respective tracks. Let's delve a bit deeper into the way the production was chosen for each track; how do you go about deciding which track should be paired with each melody presented?

I absolutely love piano and voice but am a sucker for a trap beat. Guess it’s the New York in me! I’ve also recently fallen in love with dance music as it is so expansive. I would love the opportunities to do festivals in the future and the song “I’ll Sing” struck me as a song that would farewell at a huge festival! I can just see people laughing and dancing as I bounce across the stage! I do miss live music and can’t wait to entertain people more frequently again when restrictions lift from the world due to Covid. My hearts and prayers are with all human beings across the world as we go through this turbulent time together! As far as harmonies go, I love playing with them on the tracks because they give music a much fuller and expansive sound. When I create music I think of it as a meal I can deliver to people’s souls. After listening to the track I want them to feel full. Harmonies create that sound and experience for people. Music is so damn beautiful!

With your own tribulations and battles at the forefront of this EP, how did you feel constructing the tracks knowing such vulnerable sides of yourself as an artist would be showcased?

I really do enjoy being vulnerable and sharing my heart with others. My entire life all I ever truly wanted, looking back, was to be loved and appreciated. When I am able to be vulnerable I allow people to see into my heart and mind it not only allows them to see me but to see themselves in me. We all share common trials and joys as human beings. The more we share about these things with each other, the more we get an opportunity to feel our oneness with each other. Art and music give us a more palatable way to share ourselves as we are able to transcend traditional methods of sharing, be creative, and outside of the box. I may not be able to go up to someone and tell them that living a conscious life would benefit them. I can, however, sing and write a song about it. If a person connects with that, it challenges them to think or feel a different way, I’d say as a songwriter, my mission would then be accomplished. As an artist, I want to create experiences for people to feel their emotions, connect and have a healthy form of relief, and escape from their everyday life and things they are going through. Music has been and continues to be a healing vehicle for me as I hope it is for others as they listen to my songs and the song of their favorite artists!

Now that your EP has been successfully released, what's the next direction for yourself and your music?

I am on a musical journey as I always have been! I go where it takes me. Some of my intentions moving forward are to record a full-length EP, which I am currently working on, to tour doing festivals and gigs once things open up, and travel to multiple countries performing. I was able to perform a few gigs in London, prior to things opening up. I’m an NYC girl so for me, that was epic! I am also currently seeking more opportunities to write and pitch my music for TV and Film as there is something that THRILLS me about seeing the storyline and visuals come to life with music. Without it, all of our favorite movies would be missing the magic that they actually have. I find music and how we use it in every capacity so interesting. It heals, it entertains, it inspires, it frees, it connects, it transcends and it brings us somewhere that not many other things in this life can. I love writing music and would also love to be on a songwriting team at a record label as well as getting a record deal myself for my own music! I love all things creativity and music and am open to multiple avenues and outlets for using my musical gifts and talents. I’ve recently developed an online program for artists to connect them with their heart and creativity to create at a fuller and more profound capacity which is lighting me up and so fills my heart with joy! I will be holding in-person events here in London as soon as humanly possible. I do miss seeing and connecting with others in person so I’m really excited to get that started. I have a never settle, driven attitude and will not stop until all of the aforementioned events actually manifest in my reality. I believe in myself, I believe in music and I believe in human beings and the Power we have to persevere and transcend. Thank you for taking the time to interview me and I cannot wait to see in six months, one year, three years from now just how many of those things actually do manifest. So to anyone reading this, if you believe you can you will! Show up every day as the best version of yourself you can be, do the work, face yourself, find your joy and creativity, and just do it, relentlessly.