Alexx Magic's Fusion of Sounds In "The Limbic Limbo" Will Make You Believe in Magic

February 20, 2020

The former frontman of Soft Candy, Alexx Magic, has struck out on his own to present his first solo project with the release of "The Limbic Limbo". What Alex has brought to the table with this song is something incredibly unique that defies time and genres. I found myself lost in the songs psychedelic effects. In one moment I was rocking bell-bottoms in the ’70s and in the next I was sat at a Jazz bar, nursing an old fashioned as I listened to the pianist. This is the power of a great song; It is the ability to take listeners somewhere else in the subtle and almost unnoticed change of note. The grace of the song makes this fusion even more impressive. The genres of Classic Rock, Jazz, Groove, and Psychedelic are obviously present, but not in the usual way. In fact, the combination is not aggressive at all. The purpose is to create balance and then segregate the song in beautifully gentle ways.

Alexx Magic has worn many hats within the music industry, and his experience and training shine through in his solo project. Alexx’s music is also a testament to his journey. Born in New York, and then a long stint in Chicago, the artist is now living in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Here, Alexx is able to embrace his many talents as a classical pianist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, songwriter, and music teacher to further his career and make a living doing what he loves. He pulls inspiration from bands, such as Mac Demarco, Elton John, and The Zombies. 2020 will see the release of a lot of new music from this talented artist, and we can’t wait to hear what amazing songs he'll release next.

Check out "The Limbic Limbo" here.