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Alichè Drops One Of The Most Conceptual EP's To Date

The West London singer-songwriter and pop/r&b recording artist Alichè examines a troubled relationship in her latest conceptual 6-track EP, 'Good While It Lasted.'

Alichè is known for writing self-confessional songs surrounding life, love, and breakups that just about anyone can relate to. The blossoming pop/r&b artist recently released two lead singles off her latest EP, which saw support from Liquid Magazine, Atwood, Wonderland, and more while garnering over 20k streams on Spotify.

Now releasing her honest and story-like EP, 'Good While It Lasted,' the venture begins with the introductory track and lead single, "By Surprise." The song opens with a hazy and reverbed electric guitar melody that later sinks into a plucky bassline and the warmest pop drums. As Alichè makes her soothing and soulful vocal appearance, she begins to examine the passionate experience of falling in love with someone and their refreshing ways. We adore the disco feel of this track paired with the modern pop drums and Alichè's heartfelt lyrics of falling headfirst into a new shot at love.

Dropping into the next track, "Lover," this track kicks off with the utmost riveting, sexual, and desirous instrumentals along with Alichè's angelic vocal harmonies that bask in the thrilling emotions of new love. As the song slows down into this soulful and passionate mid-tempo groove, Alichè continues her captivating performance while riding the beat with nothing but rhythm. Her lyrics perfectly portray new love's excitement and stimulation; Alichè wears her heart on her sleeve while grooving her way to the shimmery hook. We have yet to experience the rest of the project, but this track is definitely our number one so far.

Moving onto the EP's halfway point, "Daily Doubts," we can already tell that this is the point of the EP (and the relationship Alichè's singing about) where love begins to fall through the cracks. The song opens with a shimmering background pad and the warmest synths while a mid-tempo and groovy r&b drum arrangement melts our speakers with incredible passion and emotion. Listening to Alichè's lyrics, she sings of loving someone one day and struggling for a reply the next, resulting in the many invasive daily doubts that haunt her mind. This song feels like it's straight out of the 00s, where emotional r&b ruled our days.

Hitting play on track number four, "Brings Me Peace," a lighthearted and uplifting instrumental groove, kicks off in the brightest and most radiant way. As Alichè begins to serenade us with her soulful and mesmerizing vocals, she references her first track while explaining how she caught her boo "By Surprise" when she started to question if he's as committed as she is. There are countless similarities and nostalgia-evoking aspects to TLC, from the well-rounded r&b instrumentation to Alichè's lush, meaningful, and chilling harmonies; this track is truly one for the mind, body, and soul.

Slowing it down with the next track, "What It's Like (feat. Fonzie)," the song gently opens with a reverbed electric guitar melody that sets the song's emotional and saddened tone. Alichè makes her angelic vocal appearance once again, but this time, she brings it down a notch to portray the trials and tribulations of lost love. The song's lush fusion between modern r&b and organic jazzy undertones perfectly enhances Alichè's vulnerable and relatable message. Before we know it, rapper Fonzie begins to spit his calming bars over top of the dense sonics while offering this dynamic back and forth between the two compelling performances at hand.

Reaching the album's outro and title track, "Good While It Lasted," the song opens with Alichè's chilling soprano vocals that serenade us alongside a cinematic and haunting string section. This song is the perfect culmination of such a conceptual EP; Alichè and her ghostly sonics reflect on the toxic relationship she put herself through while reminding herself that it was good while it lasted. This song is wildly powerful, although it's not loud and energetic, its soft and somber sonics alongside a heartbeat-like kick drum and Alichè's spoken word outro leaves us in awe of the entire venture we just experienced.

If Alichè doesn't become a household name sooner than later, we'll throw a fit. But, seriously, don't miss out on her gripping, well-thought-out, and emotional EP, 'Good While It Lasted,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMuisc, Alichè. We're thoroughly impressed with the relatable story you've told with your latest 6-track EP, 'Good While It Lasted.' When did you begin tracking your thoughts and emotions to create this project?

Thank you so much. I can’t lie it’s been a while in the making. The first song I wrote was the second to last song ‘What It’s Like’ which features a wonderful rapper called Fonzie. I wrote that while I was overseas in 2019 escaping from a life and habits that were taunting me back home. Then the concept and the rest of the music came together throughout lockdown whilst I was figuring out how to open out to someone romantically for the first time as if the pandemic wasn’t already an emotional rollercoaster in itself.

Did you work with any producers to help bring your vision to life for 'Good While It Lasted?' What was it like dissecting your past relationship to find the vibe for each song?

So the whole project is produced by incredible talent and a good friend called Mcknasty. He’s one of the most incredible creatives I’ve ever witnessed work in my life. The man is a genius. On the writing side, the majority of it was written around a situation I was in at the time. So as this story was unfolding in my own life I was able to channel the raw and fresh emotions into the music. I'm not the best at telling the people I care about how I feel, which must be annoying for them all when I write songs about it instead and hide my feelings. I think I’d be pissed off if someone was doing that to me haha!

What was the most challenging part about creating your EP, 'Good While It Lasted?' Was it difficult for you to break down your relationship and discover where it went wrong?

I’m quite good at analyzing and unpacking what’s going on with or around me. However, it doesn’t mean I’m the best at knowing how to deal with it. I’m good at admitting and picking out the problem but then you've lost me. I think the hardest part of this project was tapping into my vulnerable side and addressing love in general. Before 2019 I struggled a lot with accepting the love of others and within myself so this was a big step for me. However, now I feel like I’ve unlocked a door I don’t think I can ever shut. The emotionally deep loving Cancer in me has finally broken free.

When creating your EP, 'Good While It Lasted,' did you have any artistic influences in mind? Did anything or anyone help shape the project?

I had a huge range of inspiration. There is always music or sounds playing around me triggering off new ideas and thought processes. From starting my day with singing bowl sound healing & mantra songs to blasting old Prince albums while I get around London. There was a lot of the old mixed with the new, lots of Lucky Daye, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Snoh Aalegra, Koffee Brown, Lauryn Hill, Cleo Sol. All a lot of soul-based music and all incredibly raw and honest in their unraveling of each story.

What do you hope the listener takes away after experiencing your EP, 'Good While It Lasted?'

I would love people to be able to resonate with the story and the music, even if it’s just 1 person. Not just the lyrics too but the actual music and melodies. Being moved by the harmonics and sounds is so special, then paired with words you can relate to, I know personally it can really connect me to my emotions and elevate how I’m feeling or it can be a complete release that I didn’t know I needed. A lot of the time we’re all facing similar things just in our own ways. I write from my heart, I write to heal myself but also others.

What's next for you?

I’m working with some beautiful artists and musicians at the moment, so releasing a lot more music that is for sure! I’m always dreaming of taking my music outside the UK. So hopefully I’ll be off sometime soon. The world is a big place filled with wonderful people and sounds so I can’t wait to explore more.

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