Alissa Gouveia Drops An Anthem For Singles Everywhere With, "Wish You Well"

Los Angeles based R&B/Soul artist Alissa Gouveia releases a smooth sailing single titled "Wish You Well." Growing up in a Brazilian household, Alissa fuses the upbeat rhythm of Brazilian music while staying true to her soulful R&B roots. Always aiming to tell stories that listeners can relate with, Alissa does precisely that with her latest hit "Wish You Well." Her vocals are incredibly smooth and drift through the track with poise and the knowledge of moving forward from a past relationship. The mid-tempo R&B production keeps the track at a steady pace, allowing Alissa Gouveia's seasoned message to stand strong.

"Wish You Well" begins with soft R&B keys and intoxicating drum patterns. Once Alissa's vocals softly appear, not only are we impressed with her effortless talent, but we're blown away by the powerful message she's tied in. Singing about finally putting herself first and realizing that people tend to want you once you're back on your feet, she spills her guts to us with a highly relatable and empowering message. The production is very groovy, especially towards the outro through Alissa's layered vocals adding depth and texture to the track. Alissa Gouveia's single "Wish You Well" is a breath of fresh air that easily soothes the soul and sets tremendous hope for the future.

Listen to "Wish You Well" here.

You provide such a powerful message full of confidence within your single "Wish You Well." Why did you decide to create a song about moving forward from a past relationship? 

I think we often tend to lose ourselves in relationships, whether we notice it or not — which makes it really hard to be alone after the fact. I wanted to write a song that people could relate to when it comes to breakups — but not in the sad, crying in your room type of way. I wanted people to feel empowered when listening and encourage them to go out and be the best version of themselves.

What were your songwriting and lyrical process like, and how did you craft the lyrics to tell your story yet still be relatable to the listener?

I think “Wish You Well” was one of the first songs I had freestyled melodies before coming up with the lyrics. In one of my first takes, I sang the words “Wish You Well,” and it kind of set the tone for the song. After going through a pretty difficult breakup, I feel like it was the first time I was truly writing about my experiences. I usually stick to writing feel-good music, but this track was different. I’ve always had a go-getter and more life type of attitude, so after my breakup, I kept busy and chased after the things that made me happy. I got promoted at my job twice, things were coming together with my music, and I feel like things were just happening for me, which made the songwriting process authentic and raw. I wrote exactly what I was experiencing, and the cool thing is, I know others have experienced it too.

In terms of the song's production, what sort of atmosphere did you want to set, and how did you want your audience to feel after listening to "Wish You Well"? 

When it comes to my music, I always love layering — layering vocals, instruments, melodies, all of it! The producer on this track, Tario, helped me do that while creating a spacey and sultry atmosphere. After listening to “Wish You Well,” I want my audience to feel empowered in knowing that the only person you really need is you. 

Seeing as you've grown up in a Brazilian household and moved from Jersey to Los Angeles, how have these cultures and music scenes impacted your career? Have you noticed any change since moving to Los Angeles?

Growing up in a Brazilian household, I was constantly surrounded by music. Every family gathering meant my uncles would be breaking out the guitars, and we’d all sing together. I spent most of my childhood back and forth between New York and New Jersey, so I experienced a wide range of music. I think it definitely inspired me to pursue singing and gave me the confidence to feel comfortable on stage. Since moving to LA, I feel like I’ve had the chance to embrace being creative and experiment with my music. Being surrounded by likeminded people who are so insanely talented and artistic keeps me on my toes, itching to find ways to improve and inspire.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

I feel like for most of us, 2020 has been a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve definitely had my fair share of ups and downs. Add going through a breakup and regular life chaos into the mix with 2020’s trials and tribulations, and it’s bound to be a recipe for disaster. But at the same time, I feel like it’s been a good time for me to recharge, recenter, and focus on myself and the things that I want. The ideas of growth, determination, and self-worth are the biggest themes in the music I’ve been creating during this time, which I think could be a great thing for people to hear, especially now.