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Aliza Li Continues to Show Off Her Smooth & Sensual Vocalism in Latest Release, "7th Grade Complex"

Atlanta, GA, Singer/Songwriter Aliza Li is back, and this time she's bringing the R&B music scene some alluring and expressive content.

Aliza Li is all about opening up herself to her listeners and delving into her personal emotionality within her music. For Aliza Li, music is the way of open communication, and she takes the opportunity to do exactly that with her listeners.

One of the elements to Aliza Li that you may figure out right off the bat is her stunning vocal sound, especially considering her ability to melt into any rhythm. Her voice is characterizable, making it difficult to not instantly recognize, and her latest single, "7th Grade Complex" is one you'll definitively remember. 

A simple and delicate lo-fi rhythm opens up Aliza Li's song, "7th Grade Complex". Her slow and sultry voice effortlessly blends into the melodic tune, and the hypnotic element to her vocal performance is what transcends listeners' experience.

We're brought into the perspective of love and the messy emotions that come alongside such love. Aliza Li takes "7th Grade Complex" to reminisce, as she dives into the intricacies involved in an intimate connection.

"7th Grade Complex" is cool and collected, which definitely stems from Aliza Li's ability to execute her vocals in a fluid way. We're keeping our ears peeled for the next song release by Aliza Li, as her music breaks barriers within the R&B community. 

What was the motive behind "7th Grade Complex" and what did the narrative of the song truly mean to you?

The motivation for “7th Grade Complex” was just how I was feeling at the time. I was in a relationship that got to the point where it wasn't healthy for me to continue it and instead of fixing it, I just accepted this is how we are and how we will be. For me, the song is about embracing those unhealthy relationships because that weight builds strength.

Your musical influences are definitely well-rounded and familiar to the kind of music you're creating yourself today. Can you expand more on these influences you have, and specifically the influence that inspired "7th Grade Complex"?

So Jill Scott is one of my biggest influence and I was listening to her song “Fools Gold” a lot during the time, which had a heavy influence on how I wrote the song. I was just thinking how vulnerable and brave you have to be to admit to someone that yes you played me but guess what I’m stronger now. I struggle with putting myself out there emotionally so it was something I found comfort and strength in.

You have a ton of flexibility within your vocal range, and your vocal performance often feels very layered. Did it take you time to craft this vocal persona of yours, or did you find it came to you naturally?

Haha! That’s just me! I guess I’m a complicated/layered person. Really I just think it’s how I listen to music. I never really listen for the whole song at once, I listen to each layer separately.

What would you say are some of the biggest goals you've set for yourself both artistically and personally for the rest of 2020?

Artistically, I’m focusing on building my sound and pushing myself “out of the box” so to speak to define my uniqueness. Personally, I’m just trying to keep peace in my life.


What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Really everything! I’m taking this time to get back to the basics of just being and I’ve found a new appreciation or life. 



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