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All Aboard the Sonic Journey of “Bus” With Eva and the Vagabond Tales

Do you know that feeling of drinking a nice glass of wine with your perfect dinner after a long day at work and being emotionally exhausted? Did you ever think you can put a sound to such a feeling? Well, look no further! “Bus” by Eva and the Vagabond Tales is exactly that.

“Bus” opens with an emotional guitar play that sets the mood. Followed by some of the most easily digestible vocals, the song then opens up with piano and percussion, adding to the soft and emotional touch of what you’re signing up for. The song “Bus” feels like an emotional departure of a love interest, while still finding a way to incorporate sounds of a squeezebox and executing it perfectly. The song takes your ears on a journey to what we would imagine it would feel like to roam around cities such as Paris or Florence after a relationship that didn’t work. By the time the bridge of the song hits, you are dreading the end of the track and hoping for more, not evening realizing that over 4 minutes have passed. Definitely worth the listen and will leave you smashing the “replay” button.

Born in Riverside, CA - artist Eva and the Vagabond Tales is a breath of fresh air for Folk music. It’s hard to say who or what she sounds like, which is extremely refreshing and gives hope that in an age where we think we have heard it all, maybe we haven’t. With several music releases under her belts, Eva has found a way to break barriers as a rising artist and got the attention and support of NPR - cementing her as an artist with something real to give to our ears.

Listen to "Bus" here.

Thank you for chatting with us at BuzzMusic Eva and the Vagabond Tales. There seems to be a sense of travel in your music, where were you in the world when you found the inspiration to write “Bus”?

Thank you for having me! When I first got the inspiration to write “Bus”, I was in a 1980’s RV near San Francisco. I wasn’t too far away from home, but I felt like the decisions I was making were going to regret at a later point in life. So while writing this song, I felt a sense of distance, longing, and nostalgia for a moment in time that hadn’t even happened yet.

Writing about a departure of love is never easy, was this a hard song for you to get out, or did it pour out of you?

This whole song did pour out of me in one sitting. I even recorded parts of it later in the week. Although it was such a sincere song for me and I was really satisfied with how it came out, I didn’t do anything with the song for about 5 or 6 years until we recorded it in Dynaudio’s traveling container studio in the desert.

Have you found benefits with growing up in Riverside, being so close to Los Angeles and the core of the music industry? 

Yes, definitely. Riverside is very close to LA, so it’s an easy drive to get to shows, music meetups, events, and collaborations out there. Sometimes when you’re living in a “big small town” city like Riverside, it’s easy to feel like you’ve done your best and have reached the end of your rope. When I’m easily able to visit a huge city like LA so often, I get a change in my perspective and realize that the world is a whole lot bigger, with a lot more doors waiting to be opened.

What was it like to gain the attention and support of NPR? 

Our local NPR station has always been such a huge support to us. Local show host David Fleming has supported our music for many years, doing interviews of my band and me, sharing our music with our local NPR listeners. American Parlor Songbook, (a variety show that airs on NPR) has also been very supportive and invited us to play on their show many times. In 2016, we got nominated for the “best outdoor desk” of the NPR Tiny Desk competition, so we got some support from the other side of the country’s NPR family. Overall, we just feel very lucky and honored to have such wonderful people supporting us. I feel like it’s really a game-changer in this business when you have their support. 

Can your fans expect any new music and tour dates soon?

Right now, my band and I are arranging some new songs that I’ve written. We’re planning to go on a getaway to Joshua Tree for several days to finish writing and arranging all the parts. I have a plan to lock all of our phones away in a lockbox so that we’ll be fully immersed in what we’re doing. I’m also working on some surprise collaborations with an artist from the Midwest, so I’m really excited about that. And as always, in a couple of months, we will start planning some tours again, hopefully to the Midwest or the east coast this time.



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