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"All My Lies," Allows Apricity to Leave a Sparkle In The Dark

Placing her Alternative Pop-Rock nature on a pedestal the captivating essence of Apricity has seasoned our souls the entire year of 2020. The Scotland native who currently resided in Ontario, Canada has a certain magnetism to the way she operates.

Capturing moments of unnerving imagination, Apricity gave her listeners the quintessence of her talents in, “All My Lies.” As the first single off of her forthcoming debut EP, Apricity wanted to drive home the unique flair that allows her to stand out from the rest. So, in true Apricity fashion, the weighty Electronic components that simmer in the instrumentation get to accompany a prevailing vocal performance that ends up paired with eerie and eye-catching visuals for, “All My Lies,” which sits heavy on your subconscious.

With the music video being filmed at a historic, haunted 1800’s horror bravura, the spirit matches the deep storytelling in a seamless fashion as we hear an intellectual depiction that glistens on themes of authenticity, individuality, and a lack of shame form not being able to live up to someone else’s expectations of you.

Making an everlasting impression on the chaos of 2020, Apricity fuses genres together effortlessly while establishing her dominance in the most magnetic manner. Eagerly awaiting her debut EP, we appreciate everything that is Apricity from her undeniable vocal talents to sparkling imagination.

Congratulations on all of your success this year, Apricity. We’re so happy to be chatting with you once again. Through this year, how have you noticed your evolution as an artist?

Thanks for chatting with me BuzzMusic. I definitely feel as though I am on the verge of a breakthrough in my artistic life I am feeling as though I have found my style, gained more confidence in my work, and feel like my work is growing and evolving

How did you manage to stay inspired through the disorder of 2020?

This year has been challenging for everyone. I’ve been working hard to finish recording my debut EP which will come out in 2021. I am just trying to stay focused and hoping that we can get back to being able to do live concerts next year. Through this year I have met so many talented people I have been able to work with. It’s uplifting.

With your single, “All My Lies,” what are some memorable moments that you have throughout the process of bringing the song to life?

The people! My team helped bring this song to life, on screen. DropoutEntertainment and Toronto Creatives were a huge part of bringing my vision for this song to screen. Mia Leone and Matt Hinojosa brought the emotion of the lyrics into the video and of course, the incredible scenery where we shot at the Lucas Family Homestead at Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario.

With musical inspirations such as, Kate Bush, Blondie, Garbage, and Evanescence, how do you allow those influences to speak into the music that you create?

I find these artists strangely poetic. In the sense, they are always telling a story. Their influences have been very important to modern music in general, not just myself they always came up with something fresh and interesting to engage their audience.

From January to December, how have you grown as an artist this year?

I am still growing and learning I can look from the point of view of someone searching for meaning in a meaningful, rather than a meaningless, world. I have learned to be in touch with my willingness to show my sincerity. It’s learning to communicate on an emotional level through a song.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming EP? We are so excited to hear the final product.

I am excited to release the next single from my EP in early 2021. The EP itself will be out sometime in the spring. We just finished shooting the second video.

What goals and ambitions do you have set in place for yourself as an artist moving forward?

Funny you ask. I always remind myself of the quote If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. ~ Albert Einstein I want to make success on my own terms when I make realistic achievable plans and use my determination to follow through I am looking outside right now and I have to tell you when it hits winter one of my goals is to live somewhere warmer!


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