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All The Locals Release A Must Add Tune For Your Playlist "Miss"

Based in Atlanta, All The Locals are a six member group (not including the horn section!) who can be described as “Soulternative”. All The Locals are about bringing people together with their music and creating a community. They are everything Atlanta represents and so much more. ATL acronym fits perfectly with the whole attitude of All The Locals. Their distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics, written by John Schmarkey, set them apart from other artists. Incredibly successful and ambitious, All The Locals are currently touring the U.S. and gearing up to release their 5th EP! “Another Way To Breathe” is set to be released April 26, 2019 and the first single “Miss”, drops April 20,2019.

We had the pleasure of hearing “Miss”, it is a soulful and moving motif. The brassy echoes layered with melodious percussion throughout have us feeling this track through every part of our body. The brilliant raspy vocals add just enough rock ‘n’ roll to All The Locals unique sound. “Miss” transverses a range or emotions and musical styles which is why we love this accomplished group! All The Locals leave us craving more. We’re counting down the hours until “Another Way To Breathe” is available!

Listen to "Miss" here and get to know more about All The Locals below

What is “Miss” about? What inspired this song?

Inspired by the idea that sometimes great things in life come suddenly and you can’t always hold on forever. You can stop by and capture your best memory at the river, but it won’t stop until she reaches her greatest lengths. Or like a young woman, who has her heart set on certain goal. Sometimes it is better to love and support ones journey, than disrupt its path.

Who are the six members of All The Locals?

John Schmarkey III- lead vox/keyboards

Ty Barksdale- guitars

Justin Bradford- drums

Mike Fiorello- backing vox/keys/percussion

Nikki Brickhouse- backing vox

Glenn Stout- bass guitar

What’s the creation process like with such a large group?

We may have a good size ensemble, but we travel, play and support each other as one team, best friends. That’s how it has always been. We recently renovated a cool space at Ty’s house outside ATL, where we’ve been pouring our creative juices. The group will usually start with a random idea and venture off until a mold of a song can be formed. We have finished songs in minutes or days, it just varies. The lyrics are generally never finished until the song is set in stone to track. Sometimes we may even perform the song without it being done, especially with our fav new upbeat tunes.

What would your dream stage to perform?

Red Rocks, CO

Fox Theater, ATL

What can we expect to hear next from All The Locals?

New EP “Another Way To Breathe” available everywhere 4/26/19

Lots of shows, festivals and more recordings all year!


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