“All We Got,” Sounds Better With Your Head in the Clouds

Sinn Serious is a music producer and singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles.

Originally from Charleston, SC, he is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist with a background in acting, musical theater, and operatic training. Serious attended Loyola Marymount University. Recent credits include editor and sound designer for Audible, iHeart & WhoHaha original podcasts.

Sinn Serious dedicates himself to creating meaningful art about addiction and mental health while being on a mission to create emotional electronic tracks, both dance and downtempo, that pull him out of anxiety and push himself past addiction.

With the release of his debut EP, ‘Hello Up There,’ our attention is fixated on the buoyancy laced into the lead single entitled, “All We Got.” Through an electronic realm that is bolstered by the house music foundation it lays upon, Sinn Serious has us swept into the otherworldly soundscapes as we mentally float to places yet to be discovered.

In our sonic exploration of this masterpiece, a moody ambiance emitted from the exclusive timbres of Sinn Serious shifts the weight from the complexity weaved into the instrumentation and has us honing in on the reverberated echoes that clasp onto his voice to produce emotion.

Combining elements of wistful tendencies that cascade with reflective and thought-provoking croons, Sinn Serious has us copiously absorbed in the lucid environment that ramps up into a full-on infectious groove induced by major piano chords flooding the soundwaves.

Sinn tiptoes into various elements throughout “All We Got,” in an organic way that doesn’t seem out of his comfort zone to achieve. Wrapping listeners in a calming blanket of relatable narratives, the concept of losing one’s self in the creative process is a process that Sinn Serious endures well.

Congratulations on the release of your EP, ‘Hello Up There.’ We loved getting absorbed in the lead single “All We Got.” What was your inspiration for allowing this song to set the tone of the EP?

I’ve connected deeply with driving dance music over the last year - labels like Anjunadeep & Hexagon. It lifts me up. With All We Got, I wanted something moving, club-like. I’m finding a nice blend of upbeat mixes with fractured vocals. I was writing a lot of “Woah is me” brooding sad songs. I let my depression and anxiety take control, feeling like I needed them to create. All We Got stems from that pain but ends on hope. It’s definitely the direction I am heading with my music.

In your own words, what does “All We Got,” mean to you?

"All We Got" is about endurance. The long game. I’m coming up on a 7-year-long relationship. No doubt we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. When I let my mental demons take hold, it’s easy to miss the good things in that relationship while emphasizing the bad. All We Got pulled me out of that funk, helping me remember how good it feels to stick through the hardship. On the other side of that, true beauty and bliss.

You mention that throughout countless times, you’ve immersed your head in the creative clouds to approach your end goal musically? Could you please take us into a further look at what this process entails?

Working up to this EP, I hit a plateau musically. I sapped my creative juices. My process felt stale. Sitting at the piano felt forced. Top-lines felt gimmicky. But I intentionally broke my process patterns of how I was working. I reviewed old journal entries. I wrote poems backward. I transposed my usual chord progressions and played reverse fingerings. I invested in new synths. I totally broke apart my musical process. At the time, it was scary as hell. It felt vulnerable and childish. But that beginner’s mindset is so important to creativity. I’m betting, to create any long-term passion project, it takes breaking down that process to create something truly intimate and unique.

What do listeners have in store in terms of themes, moods, and messaging when pressing play on ‘Hello Up There?'

'Hello Up There' is all about hope. The genesis for the project came out of 2020. Spoiler alert: that was one especially chaotic year. Most of us know. This EP draws on all the different types of creativity I dove into to stay sane and healthy. I’m a big advocate for mental health talk and de-stigmatizing addiction. Believe me, my depression and anxiety were boiling this past year. This EP is about ambition in difficult times. Faith in darkness. Belief and confidence in the self.

What's next for you?

Collaborations! I’m exploring some very fun EDM tracks with incredible singers and producers. I look forward to putting out impactful music people can connect with. As the world slowly opens back up, I can’t wait to put together a live set and spread some joy and sweaty thumping kick drums.