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Allanah Jeffreys Calls You Home on Latest Single "Fake Life"

Hailing from the Canadian Prairies, Allanah Jeffreys delivers a loveable, memorable rhythm on her latest single "Fake Life."

Allanah has been playing music since childhood, always finding pleasure in creating cheerful melodies. This Prairie girl has traveled across the beautiful North as well as here in the great USA, shining her bright melodies across North America. Her latest single "Fake Life" is a prime example of Allanah's ability to cultivate an enjoyable and organic sound.

An acoustic guitar lasso's us into the track, the guitar has an easy-going feeling like a Jack Johnson riff. Allanah's voice is sweet and steady as her notes dance along with the acoustic strings. Allanah sings about an individual living a life of smoke and mirrors, an individual falling apart on the inside but presenting a united front on the outside.

Allanah's hopeful and accepting lyrics impart a comforting and reassuring message to the listener. We keep getting pulled back into the guitar throughout the track, it chugs along to Allanah's rhymic chorus and dances around the soundscape creating warm and exciting auras.

Allanah's voice is like the girl next door--it's alluring, warm, and attractive, you simply just want to hang out with it all day long. Show this Northern Girl some love and listen to "Fake Life" here.

Hello Allanah, it's so wonderful having you back at BuzzMusic, we always love catching up with you. We loved your latest hit "Fake Life." Can you tell us your synopsis of the song and what you wanted to impart to your listeners?

Well, thank you that means a lot! As we all know, social media has become a huge part of our lives and even our careers. There’s also lots of false information and misleading images that float around. I want my listeners to know that you don’t need to pretend to be someone else, and nothing is as perfect as it seems. We are only human and should embrace our flaws. Let your true self shine! 

We loved that you chose to have a stripped-down acoustic session on this track. What is your typical line up of instruments you use in your music?

I’ve always been a huge fan of organic music, probably cause I grew up around the 70’s and 80’s rock music. Having real instruments in my music is something that’s very important to me! Typically my songs have a guitar, bass, drums, and piano with modern attributes mixed in with it! 

"Fake Life" is a candid look at how one can lead two lives; publically and internally. Your messages of acceptance and encouragement really lit up the lyrics. What do you typically tend to write about and where do you find your inspiration to infuse into your lyrics?

Like lots of people, I tend to write my music mostly from personal experiences, but I also like to write songs about the struggles that others face as well. Writing is almost like therapy for me, and it helps me get through the hardest parts of my life and I hope that I can help others in the same way! 

What is the music community like where you're from in the Prairies and how has it affected your music?

I get asked that a lot. The music community is very diverse in Winnipeg from heavy metal to folk/singer-songwriter music. I’m fortunate and proud to get to play music in Winnipeg. Lots of great venues, festivals, and great bands. Most of the amazing opportunities that I’ve had have come from being a part of the Winnipeg scene so I’m grateful for it. 

What's next for you?

I’m not completely sure what the next move will be but I have lots of unreleased music that will slowly start to come out that I’m super excited for! With live shows being put on hold, I’m gonna spend most of my time writing more music.


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