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Allison Asarch Exclaims She's a "Neon Nobody," in Her Latest Experience-Driven Song

Hailing from Nashville, TN, is Country-Pop singer/songwriter Allison Asarch, who is set out to inspire her beloved listening base. Allison Asarch has always possessed a musical thumb, and she would display it at a young age by performing at her grandparent's annual Christmas talent show. Fast forward and today, Allison Asarch is determined to share her impressionable, uplifting, and transpiring sound with the masses.

Allison Asarch just released her bubbly single, titled "Neon Nobody." The song encompasses her experience moving to Nashville and realizing her social stance. Nevertheless, Allison Asarch isn't one to give up on obtaining the dream, as she packs fruitful and fun-loving lyricism into "Neon Nobody" that can encourage listeners to stay loyal to themselves.

That is the main message of the song: to remain true to yourself, not compromise any elements of one's soul, and to have patience when it comes to reaching for your goals. On the lyric side, Allison Asarch demonstrated that she's an impactful thinker.

Production-wise, "Neon Nobody" begins with a slow, instrumental introduction that quickly leads to the delivery of Allison Asarch's vocal array. She contains a pure and sweet-sounding country tone that is polished beyond compare.

With a youthful sounding voice, Allison Asarch can pack in a ton of cheerful, affecting, and candid emotions, which works to naturally draw listening ears in. Overall, "Neon Nobody" was a positive outlook on the hardships that Allison Asarch is currently enduring, and it was a bright musical offering from the emerging artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Allison Asarch, and congratulations on your single release, Allison Asarch. Considering your progression as a music artist, how does it feel to have this song released to your listeners?

Thank you so much!! I am so excited “Neon Nobody” is out in the world because I think it is a really great song for all the dreamers like me trying to make it in this industry! It truly feels amazing to have a song that I think many other artists can relate to, and manifest this mindset when they listen to this tune.

Were there any components to "Neon Nobody" that you felt allowed yourself as an artist to stand out?

I truly put myself into this song. Meaning, I truly packed my Cherokee I got from my grandparents as a graduation gift. I did not have a car until then, so I was so excited to finally be able to not rely on anyone else to get from place to place! I also would sing the national anthem at my high school football games most Friday nights. When writing this song with Ericca Latza and Andi Renfree, we really thought about each of our journeys and were able to piece them into this song.

What kind of approach would you say you take on when writing and recording your songs?

With these songs I've released specifically, I knew the end goal was to make an album. I wanted to create a catalog of songs that I was proud of and excited to release as my introduction to the music scene. Andi Renfree helped me find the perfect co-writers to make this dream a reality. We solely worked with these writers to make songs I wanted to see on the album. Covid was an interesting time for us to do this as well. We had Zoom writes and in-person writes. When recording the songs with Ren Renfree, we really found my voice over time. I was so fortunate enough to work with Andi and Ren in the studio because I was able to really think about my music and practice not just in the studio but at home as well. I never felt pressured about if it sounded bad or about time spent in the studio recording. I was able to relax and really enjoy the process! Andi helped me think about how I wanted to portray songs through my singing to get my point across to the listener, and Ren helped me tune in on making the track unique to me. Overall an amazing process for a first-time album recording process.

What an experience winning Netflix Original's Sing On! must have been. How does the natural progression of being on the show to now having various single releases out feel?

I am so fortunate for Sing On! That experience was truly once in a lifetime. I wouldn't have been able to finish the album, create fantastic music videos, and participate in fun photoshoots. I think the show definitely boosted my confidence and helped me see that I can truly make this dream a reality. I feel super excited for the future and what this next year will bring musically. I am starting to play out more around Nashville and really hone in on one of my biggest passions, performing. I still keep in touch with my castmates, and we all agree it was just such a fun experience.


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