Allmillz Releases The Slow Jam Of The Year, "Telephone number"

Canadian singer-songwriter and r&b/hip-hop recording artist Allmillz grabs our heart with his latest slow jam entitled "Telephone number."

Allmillz always had a dream of a world in which he could create music, help others create, and contribute to the culture he holds dear to his heart. He's now making that dream a reality through his online show Slow Jams Sundays, hosting events, participating in the Olympus World Media brand, and a Canadian Independent Music Video award.

Allmillz recently dropped his new album, 'Apollonia,' featuring his sweet-sounding and groovy single, "Telephone number." This song perfectly showcases Allmillz's vocal mastery as he serenades us with his unique stylings and jumps into more of a rhythmic and conceptual flow. Also featuring artist Spcl.K, her heavenly vocals perfectly amplify the song's emotion and pure, unbridled passion.

Hitting play on "Telephone number," the song vibrantly opens with a dreamy r&b keyboard melody that oozes in psychedelia and mysticism. As Allmillz makes his bright and falsetto vocal appearance, he melts our hearts with his passionate lyricism and sensual vocal delivery that keeps our attention hooked. He sings such loving and gentle lyrics of love, ecstasy, and emotional bliss that leave us floating on cloud nine.

As he begins to sing in his chest voice, we get to know a whole different side of Allmillz's artistry through his versatile vocal delivery and relatable lyrics. Spcl.K makes her vocal appearance in the background and sweetly floats through our speakers with incredible poise and passion, carrying us to the outro like a one-way ticket to heaven on earth.

Lose yourself in the dreamy daze that is Allmillz's latest hit, "Telephone number,' off his recent album, 'Apollonia,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.