Allow ANИA To Put You In A Hypnotic Trance With “Midas Touch”

ANИA is an alternative house singer/songwriter based in London. Her classical background, coupled with her other diverse musical influences, can be heard throughout her eclectic tracks. Her brooding, electronic music is laced with haunting, ethereal vocals that have captured the attention of the venues she has performed at in London.

“Midas Touch” is a free flowing new single from ANИA and we’re instantly hooked. With a haunting and alluring intro, the track slowly develops into a finely-calibrated and entrancing experience. It takes the listener on a genre-bending and ethrael journey. ANИA allows you to become lost in her vast soundscapes and spectacular musical arrangements. I believe that Anna has an ear for musical sounds that she has crafted from the ground up. If this track is an indicator of what’s to come from ANИA then we’ll definitely be on the lookout for her future musical endeavors. “Midas Touch” is transporting and relatable and is an incredible track from ANИA, brilliant up and comer.

Listen to “Midas Touch” here and read more with ANИA below! 

Hi ANИA! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your voice is beautiful, how long have you been singing?

Thank you! Well I was very lucky to have been brought up in a musical family so there was always someone playing or singing. I played a lot of piano at school and sang in the choir but I never really thought that I could sing. Then about 5 years ago a very good friend of mine, Andy Jordan, asked me if I would join him on his tour in the UK singing a duet and some BVs and I enjoyed it so much I have been singing and writing music ever since. I needed that push, though, as I had never had the confidence beforehand. Sometimes it just takes a thoughtful person having a bit of faith in you to set you on a good path!

How did you get started in the music industry?

My brother, dad, uncles, cousins and several good friends have played in a variety of bands and solo acts over the years so I have been to many a gig as a groupie in my time! Touring with my friend (as mentioned above) was a huge element of how I got interested in it but, subsequently, I just started writing and dipped my toes in with a few gigs. These went better than I could have expected and were such fun so I decided to keep going and we have now produced a few tracks to release after this one.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw from them for inspiration in your sound?

A huge range! Anything from Mozart and Debussy to Civil Wars, Flight Facilities, London Grammar, Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi, Little Dragon and SBTRKT (and who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran?!); the list goes on forever. Music can make us feel such powerful things, so it feels like a waste to write about my own feelings. I always try and imagine and empathize with others’ feelings to make sure the songs are relatable to as many people as possible. All the people I have listed above are amazing at this, whether in their lyrics, their bass, their chord combinations or just the clever use of their voices so that’s what I think about when I am writing.

Tell us more about your single “Midas Touch”! What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

Honestly?! It’s a bit nerdy but I was brought up on Greek myths and King Midas has always stuck in my head as a good reminder of what not to chase in life! He wished that everything he touched would turn to gold but soon realized that included his food, wine and even his children. Being greedy and chasing shiny things will often blind you to what’s really important - that’s the idea behind the lyrics: be careful what you wish for!

What’s next for you through 2019?

Who knows, but I’ve got five more tracks lined up and ready for release and I am doing a lot of songwriting at the moment so I will be doing as many gigs as I can squeeze in and promoting these releases as they come out! Please keep an eye out for them!


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