Allow Crowded Parks to Serenade You Until the "End of the Night"

From jam sessions to full-length EPs and albums, the dreamy alternative group Crowded Parks takes listeners on a heartfelt venture with their recent single, "End of the Night."

Forming in 2018, Crowded Parks began recording demos at a friend's house, which later bloomed into their debut EP 'Blossom.' Meeting and expanding their group members in 2020, Crowded Parks is excited to release their debut album, 'Can You Hear Me,' slated to drop on April 16th.

Recently releasing their fresh and dreamy single, "End of the Night," Crowded Parks pour nothing but heart and genuine emotion through our speakers. Not to mention their slightly nostalgic synth-work and harmonious alternative instrumentation, it's no doubt that this single will make waves.

Listening to "End of the Night," a soft keyboard melody opens the song while quickly dropping into an entirely ethereal alternative instrumental with mid-tempo drum patterns, rhythmic guitar melodies, and floating keyboard hums. While the lead vocalist begins describing early morning scenes of fading into the dawn with someone special, it would be an understatement to say that Crowded Parks has set quite the heartfelt and passionate tone to this track.

We adore the emotion and desire of the lead vocalist's delivery, as he continues to paint detailed images throughout this soothing sweet escape of a single. Rolling our way to the outro, Crowded Parks leave us in a state of trance with each serene instrumental and harmonic synth arrangement.

Float into the stratosphere with help from Crowded Parks and their latest tune, "End of the Night." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

We genuinely adore the soft and easy vibe of your recent single, "End of the Night." What inspired your group to create such an ethereal and passionate single?

Thank you so much! Ever since I met the other members, they have helped expand the sounds and styles that I use for our songs. When I initially wrote the lyrics, the instrumentation just kind of fell into place when trying to create an overall atmosphere for the track. Even though I primarily wrote the lyrics, I don’t think I would’ve had the thought of making a song like, “End of the Night” if I hadn’t met them.

Could you remind us of the members within your group and how you handled the songwriting process for your single "End of the Night?"

Shoutout to Logan, Brandon, and Zane. When I first brought the idea to them (initially it was just the chorus), they helped piece together the story of the song and have it flow more cohesively. We all took each other's ideas and built upon them to make a song that we’re all really proud of, which is something that is really important for a band. Getting together when someone has an idea and expanding on it so that you can make something that everyone is super proud of.

What sort of feel and atmosphere did you initially have in mind for the instrumentals and sonics within "End of the Night?"

A lot of my songwriting is subconscious. I’ve always liked writing and creating hypotheticals as an outlet. Once the lyrics all came together, the instruments fell in place and felt right for the context of the song. Heartbreak is an emotional thing, and I suppose the instrumentation sort of conveys a strong sense of passion and emotion that someone feels when they are in a relationship and it starts to go south.

How will your forthcoming album 'Can You Hear Me' give listeners a better understanding of your band's sound and style? What should we anticipate from the project?

At the route of it, the album is filled with songs that share a common lyrical theme of feeling as if you are unheard in your relationship, (hence the name, “Can You Hear Me?”). That’s a topic that I feel a lot of people can relate to, and I hope that I can potentially help people that are experiencing this sort of thing.

What can we expect to see next from you?

We’re always looking to push forward with our sound and not be stagnant. So after this album, we’ll be promoting it as much as we can, and trying to create a set of songs that we feel is even better than the album. It’s important to always be thinking ahead when it comes to any sort of art and to think of ways you can build on the ideas that you already have to get an even stronger piece of work.