Allow J0VANNA's Striking Debut Single "Brain on Fire" to Chill and Thrill You

Coming in from Miami, FL, the emerging R&B artist and singer-songwriter J0VANNA makes an instant connection with listeners through her vulnerable debut single, "Brain on Fire."

"Music is a place for self-expression without feeling the fear of judgment," states J0VANNA, as she concludes that truth and honesty through music heal the soul and stimulates the mind. Currently working on an untitled EP, J0VANNA hopes to express the same raw emotion and authenticity through the project as she does on her debut single, "Brain on Fire."

Co-produced and mixed by Terrence Rolle (Pharrell) and mastered by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Dave Kutch, J0VANNA's debut single "Brain on Fire" takes us through quite the emotional scene. The single shines a light on mental illness and takes listeners on a vulnerable journey through J0VANNA's struggles while dealing with OCD and anxiety. "Putting the lyrics on paper was part of my healing process," she mentions.

Listening to "Brain on Fire," a haunting and melancholy piano melody opens the piece alongside down-tempo and minimal drum patterns. Once J0VANNA begins singing her emotional message of being held captive by her inner demons and not letting anyone notice, the surrounding instrumentals start to swell with repetitive and crisp drum breaks and a powerful build-up that takes the song to the climax.

As the exhilarating beat drops with deep bass-like synths and J0VANNA's soulful vocal delivery, we honestly did not expect the electronic incorporation within this piece, as it's so pure and raw in emotion that most artists wouldn't let the surrounding sonics overpower their performance. Yet, J0VANNA matches the sonics' power and energy and belts her vocals for the world to hear.

Form a deeper connection with the emerging singer-songwriter J0VANNA as she powerfully expresses her inner turmoil through a striking debut single, "Brain on Fire," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Brain on Fire." Why did you choose to release this single in particular as your debut?

Thank you so much! I am so excited about the release of my debut single. This song has a very special place in my heart. I chose to release this single in particular as my debut because I wanted to introduce myself to the world as I am. I am imperfect. I struggle with OCD and major anxiety at times and I wanted to be open and honest about the struggles that I have gone through to get here. Writing the song and putting it out there has been a liberating experience because I don’t have to keep it to myself anymore. As I say in the song, I “cannot hide my truth anymore.” Mental health is an issue we should all be able to discuss without fearing judgment or the stigma that has been unfortunately associated with mental illness.

Seeing as "Brain on Fire" covers rather vulnerable and emotional themes of mental illness, did you find it challenging to summon the correct lyrics for how you feel?

Yes. It definitely was challenging finding the right words to tell my story. I spent many weeks in my bedroom and in my car writing and then rewriting the lyrics. At times, it was painful to write the words on paper. I also wanted to make sure that I told my story truthfully and in a relatable way because I know that I am not the only one who’s gone through this. If I can help one person with my song, then the song will serve its purpose and that would make me beyond happy.

What was it like working with Terrence Rolle and Dave Kutch when formulating the sonics for your single "Brain on Fire?"

Meeting and working with Terrence has been a real blessing. He’s a kind spirit and I consider him as my big brother. He really connected with my vision of the song and made it a reality. The lyrics are emotionally charged and so I needed a musical arrangement that could convey how I felt through my struggles, from the period of numbness and then pain, and he was able to convey that. Having Dave Kutch master the track was the icing on the cake.

Should we expect your forthcoming EP to feature the single "Brain on Fire?" How does the rest of the project coincide with the single's theme?

My forthcoming EP will definitely feature Brain on Fire. The theme of the EP will be life’s elements. Brain on Fire represents fire, which is symbolic of the pain and strong emotions of my experience. I am now writing about the elements of water, air, and earth, what they represent, and their connection with our human experiences.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I am just a regular girl who is passionate about music. I also love nature and coffee and being barefoot, because I love to feel the earth beneath my feet. I sometimes sing with my eyes closed because I like to feel every note when I sing. As for my music, it will always be as authentic and as real as possible.