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Allow King Willy to Bring You Into a "Balanced Headspace"

The Fayetteville-based rapper, songwriter, and versatile hip-hop artist King Willy reaches a "Balanced Headspace" with his new reflective single.

From Atlanta to New Windsor, and finally Fayetteville, King Willy was born into a creative family that constantly encouraged him to delve into the wonders that music creation has to offer. Influenced by funk, rock, and hip-hop, King Willy always attempts to fuse his sound with these elements to make for a memorable listening experience.

Finally reaching a "Balanced Headspace" with his new single, King Willy thoroughly expands on the hard work he's put in to reach where he is now. While offering a warm and introspective feel to the song through his relaxed vocal delivery, King Willy offers a memorable performance while allowing listeners to introduce themselves to his many creative ways.

Diving into "Balanced Headspace," we're met with King Willy's bright vocals and quick bars soaked in a perfect amount of autotune to emphasize his contemporary approach. As King Willy expands on various topics from his upbringing, raising his children, his loving wife, and having the whole world on his back, he skillfully switches from topic to topic with incredible ease and poise.

While grooving over a downtempo trap drum arrangement and a plucky electric guitar melody, King Willy makes his way through the track with nothing but an innate sense of strength and endurance. As the song comes to an end, we're left nodding our heads in a state of reflection with help from King Willy's entire performance.

Find King Willy's latest introspective and fresh-feeling single, "Balanced Headspace," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Willy, we truly admire the reflective and personal approach you've taken with your latest single, "Balanced Headspace." What inspired the creation of this profoundly thoughtful single?

I was sitting down thinking one morning after getting off the phone with my mother and father, hence why their presence is so felt on the song. When I finished the call, I felt truly blessed but perhaps a little lost. I never wanted to let my parents down. My dad left when I was very young. It left my brother, mother, and I to rely on each other. My mom taught me the beauty in music playing it constantly, old 90's R&B, hip-hop. But I always felt like the black sheep of the family. I always was the one in trouble, I was always the one making people laugh, always being the center of attention. It took a lot of life for me to get to the place I'm in now. From struggles with mental health to relationship drama. I went to college when I was 16 that leaves a lot of expectations. I never felt like I lived up. Until recently, recently I've been in a place recently where I actually feel happy and successful. So I sat down that morning after the call, where for the first time in a long time I spoke to my mother and father at the same time. I sat, and I reflected on everything I had been through, everything left I have to accomplish.

Did you create the production yourself for "Balanced Headspace?" Why did you choose to fuel the sonics with this melodic electric guitar?

Originally the song was going to be called "Sober" drawing inspiration from Childish Gambino's "Sober" an ethereal self-reflective track, then drew inspiration from the electric guitar in "Sober" as well. Inadvertently I wrote those lyrics to no music when I wrote the music I didn't really have Sober in mind anymore but it still comes through in the final production I believe, is what I call a happy accident.

Do singles like "Balanced Headspace" help listeners get to know you on a more personal level? Do you always aim to tell personal stories through your songs?

As I wrote my story came through it became personal. I try in every song to tell a story, not necessarily my story always, but always stories I've witnessed or constructed. I'm a storyteller always have been. Ever since I was sitting in, the lunchroom and making other kids laugh telling them outrageous stories, telling them what outrageous things I did. Which the storyteller, entertainer in me probably drove all my bad behavior as a kid. I never had music I never knew I was capable of what I am capable of. I wrote my first song when I was 12, I'm a born songwriter/performer. In the track, I talk about my hopes dreams, and ideations. My motivations, and the denigrations that drive me. There are these chains I've had on myself since I was young. I've finally become unshackled.

Within "Balanced Headspace," you mention an album that we will soon toast to. Should we expect a forthcoming album, seeing that you mentioned it within this track?

So now I'm making my album. With this new freedom and drive and passion uncovered, that I buried, suppressed, after an awful experience with a jealous peer on the school bus. This new album draws on all the things I am passionate about. Music, Movies, TV Shows, Comics, and of course some real-life experience twisted into a fantasy world. The oldest story ever told "Good Vs. Evil"[Working title] My own dark twisted fantasy as I state in Balance Headspace. I'm going to create a Universe and pull you and listener into it with me as we follow Will on his adventures and escapades against his brother E. I believe and follow heavily in Childish Gambino's musical ideology. Music only means what we can put into it. So I'm putting my everything into it. Trying to use everything I know to create an auditory rap/hip-hop/rock comic book. I'm drawing on all my inspirations and all my tricks for this one. I will always get better. I will always learn something and improve. I have to learn, to feed this curiosity, doesn't mean I'm wandering aimlessly. I already know the (Rap/Trap)EP, I'm going to release after this album. I know the (Another Concept)album I'm releasing after that too. I have this whole thing mapped out. I promise. If anyone's confused or lacking faith. Don't be concerned. Have faith in me. I have a plan. Trust in the King. Eventually, there will be no Kings. But Willy will outlive it all. If I'm not growing, I'm dying. I'm not dying till I've lived. With everything, I've done. I haven't lived, but a little, at all.


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