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Alorangel Teaches Us How To “Follow Jesus Ways”

Ohio-hailing artist Alorangel creates music that shines the necessary light of the creator above. Alorangel holds a clear impact in the world of music, bearing real footing within the Christian music community. With a powerful ambiance, angelic voice, and atmospheric album artwork, Alorangel truly does the work of God through her innovative and visionary music projects. The clever singer-songwriter constantly gives thanks to the Most-High, as her otherworldly vocals and unparalleled sound have not only proven her as an influential mastermind but that living a life in the light of God is all it takes.

"Follow Jesus Ways" transcendence continues through the quality of Alorangel's voice, which is articulated and shaped with poise. Alorangel starts "Follow Jesus Ways" with an empathetic voice, alongside a very unique instrumental. Lyrics like, "I love you so much" and "I just want to be thankful, grateful," transmit her message in a passive and angelic tone to the listener.

Alorangel continues to sing about how we should all try and follow the way of Jesus and how amazing it is to be loved by him. As a young girl that grew up in church, she knows firsthand the benefits it has provided to her way of life. Alorangel in many ways comes across as an angel who is here to send a message, and her bold, classic vocals continue to soar through the song as she speaks her truth.

Alorangel only progresses forward as she continues to rise with God and spread his word. Her extraordinary skills and grit toward her art are astounding. We are excited to see what the future holds for Alorangel.

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