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“Alpha” By Chris Padin Will Give You The Adrenalin You’ve Been Looking For

At the tender age of 16, a musical prodigy was born. Original and motivated, Chris Padin is an independent artist who produces EDM with a twist. He delivers heart pumping beats that are impossible to resist. Chris’s technique is to fuse various genres to create his own exclusive style. People are taking note of his talent with over 350,000 Sound Cloud streams, and 800,000+ streams on YouTube.

Chris’s musical portfolio focuses on deep and progressive house, future bass, and trap. His newest release, “Alpha”, is no different. “Alpha” is innovative and energized, making you feel 5 expressos in. “Alpha” is intense, upbeat, and just straight up hype! Its filled with so much positive energy that is impossible to keep to yourself. This track is perfect for some extra gym motivation, a club hit, or even a big rave like Ultra Music Festival. Chris expertly blends multiple music genres to create this dope electronic hit, and the best way to understand his work is the listen to it for yourself! You can check out Chris Padin and all of his tracks on Sound Cloud, Spotify, or YouTube. We hope to hear more from you soon Chris!

Listen to "Alpha" here and get to know more about Chris Padin below!

Hello Chris and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and background? What inspired you to start making music at the age of 16?

I always loved music and the way it made you feel. There was music that I would listen to when I was happy and music that I listened to where I could relate to my own life experiences. I kept a large collection of these types of music for different moods that I was in. I always carried around a MP3 player with head phones and everyone knew me for it. So at the age of 16 a friend asked me to play some of these songs at a party and I started looking up how I can play the music I carried in my MP3 player for other people to listen to. I bought my first turn tables and spent hours learning how to use them. Through the years I upgraded my equipment and practiced. Eventually I felt like I needed to create my own music so that I can create my own unique sound that people can relate to. Now I produce my own unique sounds in my home studio to bring to the EDM world.

Why did you choose to title your single “Alpha”?

I named the track Alpha because it was my first dance track. The first letter of the alphabet the letter A. I am also Greek and the letter A in Greek is Alpha. Alpha in a pack of Wolves is the top wolf . I felt like I made something that could be at the top, like the wolf of a wolf pack.

What do you want your listeners to feel when they hear “Alpha”

I wanted them to feel energy feel happy, something that makes you move , something you can hum to that’s almost addicting.

What is the main difference between you and other EDM artists?

One main difference my fans tell me on social media is that I seem like I care. They listen to my music and contact me and I actually answer them . They tell me there so happy and think it’s so cool that they were actually able to connect with the person that created the song they love so much. I have hundreds of open conversations with people I never met before telling me how much they like my music and we’re so surprised when I thanked them for supporting me and my music decisions. I also love to bend the rules and mix different aspects of genres into my own vibe. I feel like everyone has to categorize their music into a genre that someone else created what if you wanted to mix 3 or 4 genres and still make a track that’s amazing.


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