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Alpha Centauri Wants You To Achieve Your Dreams On His Inspiring New Release “Get Your Money Up”

The rising star is prepared to embrace the grind to succeed.

A musical shapeshifter whose music defies genre by seamlessly blending touches of funk, hip-hop, afrobeat, 90's R&B, and 80's retro pop, Alpha Centauri has consistently found ways to stand out in a crowded industry. Born in Zimbabwe but now based in Canada, the eclectic artist has caught listeners' attention with dynamic releases like "I'll Fly" and "Away," his ability to keep his sound fresh while simultaneously weaving compelling narratives into the music has held audiences spellbound. By all accounts, a natural in the industry, the future looks bright for this rising star.

Born Sean Chigumba, Alpha Centauri pursued a legal career but soon realized it wasn't his true calling. Fuelled by his passion for music, he made a life-changing decision and flew to Canada to give his music career a serious shot. Since releasing his reflective debut single "Away" in 2016 to immediate acclaim, he's constantly worked on refining his sound and taking his artistry to new levels. After performing alongside local hip-hop artists like Moka Only and Sirreal, he went beast mode during covid, writing songs on a prolific level.

At its core, Centauri's latest release, "Get Your Money Up," is a song about making your dreams a reality and putting in the work required to do so. Featuring funked-up instrumentals that incorporate touches of afrobeat and hip-hop, "Get Your Money Up" is a refreshing offering that maintains high replay value while also feeling inspiring. Centauri's vocals are sharp, clear, and distinct, and his sincere cadence drives lyrics like "You would understand if you had a plan" and "Gotta make a plan gotta make a stand / Yea man, gotta make them see the brand" home.

"Get Your Money Up" is an empowering anthem encouraging listeners to chase their dreams with unwavering determination. A reflection of Alpha Centauri's ambition, "Get Your Money Up" is undeniable proof of a rising artist operating at the peak of his considerable powers. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream Alpha Centauri's new single, "Get Your Money Up," available now on all major streaming platforms.

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