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Alt/Rock Track "Like a Renaissance" Features the Intricate Stylings of Sunbourne Rd.

Sunbourne Rd. is an artistic project that consists of Alex Siodmak, who seeks to delve into the world of music with a sense of wide-ranging sounds. Born in Northern Italy, Sunbourne Rd. has gained inspiration regarding his music from various places in his life. Sunbourne Rd. has released his two EP's within 2019, titled "April" and "Urizen". The two EP's examine the authentic and true thoughts of Sunbourne Rd., and one notable track off of "Urizen" is "Like a Renaissance". Here, we see Sunbourne Rd. create a seriously guitar-driven alternative/rock tune that's eminently habitual.

"Like a Renaissance" features dominant guitar riffs with an intensive integration of vocal harmonies from Sunbourne Rd. We know that Sunbourne Rd. has always been involved with experimentation, which always seems to elevate his very sounding. Artistically, Sunbourne Rd. is striving to grow and expand his musical offerings to his listeners by exploring various sound integrations with his sound. "Like a Renaissance" is so much more dynamic and regenerating. When we first listened to the song, we knew we came across a hidden alternative/rock gem. We appreciate listening to the rhythms Sunbourne Rd. produces with his guitar, and we especially appreciate the final sounding he's able to construct alongside his raspy and powerful vocals. Sunbourne Rd. has ultimately impressed us with his stamina to write and record music such as "Like a Renaissance", and we're desperately anticipating more of this familiar sound during 2020!

Listen to Sunbourne Rd.'s "Like a Renaissance" here.


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