Alternative Rock Band Aversions Take You for a Spin With New Song, “Cistern Chapel”

Aversions are an alternative rock band from Vancouver that began with two friends. They picked up their lives and decided to take on the music industry from western Canada with their new band members. Aversions spend their time touring around British Columbia and Alberta and have plans to tour the east coast as well. Their main focus in creating music is carrying on traditions of guitars while celebrating everything new and weird. They have just released a song called “Cistern Chapel” that highlights their instrumental abilities and musical flexibility.

As opposed to the chorus, the vocals for the verses of “Cistern Chapel” are presented in a spoken-word style. This has a spotlighting effect on the chorus where the lead singer of Aversions shows off his natural vocal abilities. He is able to powerfully hit a wide range of notes, and still find moments where his voice rings effortlessly.

Although, Aversions is known for being an alternative rock band, “Cistern Chapel” represents more of a rock and roll tone. Their main instrumental focus relies on their electric and bass guitarists to hold the melody during the spoken verses. The guitarists take turns playing their chords each beat, creating a back and forth effect. The drummer plays a beat that includes soft taps of the cymbals and high hat, in a style that is comparable to the band 'Chicago'. Since their members each have unique instrumental talents, Aversions is a band that is well equipped for the rock music world. With “Cistern Chapel,” they are showing fans their musical versatility by dipping their toes into a rock and roll vibe.

You can find "Cistern Chapel" here.