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Alternative Rock Band Microcosms Give Us An Eccentric Feel With Latest Track “Forget Us”

We’re bringing the BuzzMusic community our favorite alternative rock band of the week: Microcosms. They’e grungy, hard-hitting on the guitar and vocals, and will ultimately impress you with their oscillating tempos. We’re stoked to be introducing Microcosms to our BuzzMusic readers, especially the ones who are hard into the rock scene. Microcosmsare thankfully spreading their talent with upcoming shows, and you guys can already bet you’ll want to experience this band live. I can’t say I’ve attended any alternative rock band concert where the performance wasn’t completely electrifying—I have pretty high hopes for Microcosms, and I have a gut feeling they won’t be letting me down. Their sound steps out of our comfort zones, and compels the listener to truly feel invigorated. 

The hard-hitting guitar riffs are the first element to “Forget Us” that will catch your attention for sure. The grungy feel Microcosms give with their aura in this new release is phenomenal—they’re contributing to the alternative rock scene in the most fitting way. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the alternative rock scene, and I can tell you that Microcosms is doing everything right with the way they curate their unique twist to rock. I hear elements from varying artists—predominantly Arctic Monkey’s meet a more fast-paced version of The Cure. Alternative rock bands can give you plenty of emotion, and the best kind of emotion that I like to feel from rock bands is raw authenticity. This goes for any kind of music in my opinion, but actually being able to hear the authenticity flow out of the artist/band is the most important element—an element that is difficult to even attempt to fabricate.Microcosms pours out their authenticity in “Forget Us”, with a pulsing sound that was engrained in my head for the rest of the day after listening. Feel free to give “Forget Us” a listen in order to really feel what it is I’m talking about. 

Check out “Forget Us” here, and don’t forget to scroll below for Microcosms interview!

Hey Microcosms! Can each of you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hiya this is Andrew Tschiltsch (guitar/vocals) - filling out the band we've got Bryan Emer (bass) and Jered Piepenbrink (drums). We make alternative rock to question your beliefs to, most influenced by bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Cage the Elephant, and Wolf Alice. 

We love the kind of sound you’re contributing to the alternative rock scene. We see you have a couple of concerts coming up, most recent one in Chicago! Are you pumped to be playing for your fans? What’s the atmosphere like at your shows?

We strive to make each of our live shows a unique experience with our sweet light machine and by always switching up the setlist while throwing in a fun cover or two. Right now we're still playing to a lot of our friends and it's been great to see them bring people along who rock with us. At this level we're usually expected to find other bands to share the bill with us, and that's been a great way to meet other artists in the area and support the community. I'm a big fan of multi-genre shows, and there's so much awesome music coming out of Chicago that you can catch anything from rock to rap to synth-pop at our shows. 

“Forget Us” was hard-hitting and unforgettable. We’re huge fans of the rock music scene. What’s the most important element to the band that needs to be integrated within your sound?

Thanks we're really proud of Forget Us - that song exemplifies a lot of our sound from the addicting guitar hook to the thunderous rhythm work to the worldly-conscious lyricism. 

What’s it like being in a band? Do you all find the creation process to be challenging at times having to work with others?

I'm loving it! I started making the original demos for this band when I was working an office job out of college. I had never been in a band before or thought of myself as much of an artist, but I always loved music and the songs were a fun way to express my thoughts and feelings as I was learning how to play guitar. I quit my job to dedicate myself to the band and it's been amazing to hear these songs come to life when I'm surrounded by these guys. Bryan and Jered have a great feel for music, and we all have pretty different influences which helps make our sound unique. 

So we know that the band has a few concerts coming up—other than the live shows, can we expect to see any new releases from Microcosms in the near future?

Yep we just hit the studio last week to record a couple more songs that we'll release before the end of 2019. Keep up with us on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, or the mailing list on our website. Thanks!


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