Alternative Rock Meets Creative Edge: Catching up With Hybrid Citizen

Hybrid Citizen is an eclectic rock band that’s bringing us diverse elements within their music. They are definitely a band geared towards alternative rock, however, they add indie undertones to set themselves apart in a big way. Based right here in Los Angeles, CA, Hybrid Citizen performs all over the state, and their high energy performances have been captivating crowds since 2017. Comprised of members Andrew Galleran on lead guitar and vocals, Justin Amen on rhythm guitar and vocals, David Perez aka DP on bass, and David Contreras on drums, Hybrid Citizen’s EP “Altered” garnered the band much success. Featuring 3 original songs, “Altered” showcased the band’s songwriting ability, instrumental dominance, and chemistry as a whole. “Flying Saucers” was our absolute favorite, and still remains in heavy rotation on my personal playlist to date. 

New from Hybrid Citizen is their single “Dusty Cloud”, released late June 2019, the energetic single kicked off the summer in a big way. Equipped with a thrilling music video, “Dusty Cloud” has swiftly garnered Hybrid Citizen a steadily increasing fanbase. They are definitely on our radar as a band to watch going into 2020! We highly recommend you check out the band’s impressive repertoire and stay tuned for more! Click here for Hybrid Citizen’s new music.

Hello Hybrid Citizen! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! “Dusty Cloud” is category transforming! Tell us how you came to produce this track!

-David "It was an all-around team effort between the band, our engineer Andrew Jaimez and producer Paul Lerma. The song was captured at The Compound recording studio located in East Los Angeles, CA. It's without a doubt a fantastic studio and ran by Andrew, check out his work online at"

Your latest release is definitively lively, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?

-Justin "I write about my own personal experiences but I like to present it in a way where it's not so obvious that it's about one particular subject. So even though it means something to me it might have a completely different affect to them and I like the idea of that!"

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics within your new release “Dusty Cloud”!

-Justin  "Dusty Cloud is a metaphor for stress,  anxiety, depression or anything else people might be going through in life. The song is about overcoming those feelings and letting go of whatever your Dusty Cloud might be. Everyone has there own Dusty Cloud".

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage? 

-Justin The best piece of advice we have gotten is to practice and play more in front of as many people as possible! The great thing about music is there is no right or wrong way to do it. Ultimately it's just getting your ideas out in a way that is tight and effective! We welcome criticism and we encourage others to share there thoughts and opinions!

Can you describe where you drew your inspiration from in order to curate the music video for “Dusty Cloud"?

-Andrew "The location was definitely an inspiration. The Old Towne Pub is like a second home for the band. It was a no brainer that we'd end up shooting a music video there. Justin and our friends over at The Los Angeles Chess Social worked hard to put together an 80s themed night to serve as a backdrop for the video. The director Ryan Del Nero really came through to help shape the video into reality".

It was a treat being able to talk about “Dusty Cloud” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us as listeners! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world?

Play more, Record more and release more! Everything else will come along with it as we continue to progress! Thank you Buzz Music for having us! It's always a pleasure!