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Ignacio Peña talks new music, his next moves and Songs For The Fall of An Empire...

What was the last concert you attended that wasn't your own?

I just saw Bryan Adams in St Petersburg Florida

Who are your top 3 new/ modern bands? 

There is another singer/songwriter from Puerto Rico…Rick Moon. He just released a new EP called Electric Lunch. Its pretty intrepid. He’s a very gifted songwriter. I’m not much of a metal head but there’s another band from Puerto Rico… A Million Souls…they have some cool stuff too. I particularly like the song “Vulture’s Prey”. Other than that I have been splitting my time between the Gallagher brothers and I like what they are both doing.  I Love Liam’s “The River”. In a way I’m glad Oasis split up. Now you get 2 for the price of one.

Any dream venues you have yet to play? 

Oh yeah so many…Too many to mention. Red Rocks would be amazing.

 Tell us about your next release. Any surprises for your fans?

We’re in the process of releasing the new album “Songs for the Fall of an Empire” which comes with a bunch of media materials. Each song has 3 videos: A promo video, a lyric video and a Dossier or timeline video. Promo videos for the first 7 songs from the album have been released and can be heard on Spotify. Were releasing new lyric videos for “She’s Bleeding”, “An Elephant in the Room” and “Can it Wait?” In the next weeks. The whole album should be out in the Fall.

Where are you from originally and where do you currently live?

I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I still live there.

Any Vinyl plans for your new music?

I’m hoping to create something special with vinyl for the new album. A sort of book with album thing. I've ever released music in vinyl and definitely want “Songs for the Fall of an Empire" to exist on vinyl.

Where can our readers follow, share and buy your latest releases? 

Probably the best place to see it all laid out is my website



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