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ALYKXX Sparks A “VIBE” In His New Party Anthem

Jamaican-born, New York City-raised singer-songwriter and hip-hop recording artist ALYKXX is scorching the scene with his latest single and party anthem, "VIBE."

ALYKXX is all about living for the experience - the endless nights that lead to sunrises, unleashing his killer dance moves along the way. Having moved to Los Angeles and hopped on tour with Salt-N-Pepa, ALYKXX later landed in London to embrace a more international sound. Now settled in Miami, ALYKXX is making a name for himself with multifaceted bangers that keep us wanting more.

His latest tune is no exception. "VIBE" has already amassed countless spins on Miami's 103.5 The Beat, for good reasons. It's a high-energy, punchy hip-hop party anthem that leans into a heavy club vibe with pouncing beats and sharp synths. The song's conceptual music video is a treat for the eyes, showcasing a relentless party atmosphere we hope to be part of.

Diving deeper into "VIBE," the track kicks off with heavy 808 beats pounding through the speakers that lead into ALYKXX's sweet-sounding, silky-smooth vocals expressing his desire to vibe all night long. As he jumps into a killer, cut-throat flow, the beat expands into a heavy club atmosphere while ALYKXX's complex bars leap through the speakers with tenacity.

Moving past the lush hook towards the song's second half, ALYKXX wastes no time pumping up the party with increased energy and a faster tempo with speaker-shaking bass. He leads us to the outro with the utmost power while setting the scene with stimulating bars about getting litty on the weekend and turning up 'til you can't turn up no more. It's the ultimate party anthem we'll be bumping well into the new year.

Are you looking to set the tone for your next jam? Hit play on ALYKXX's new hit, "VIBE," and experience the hype. Find the new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BUZZ, ALYKXX. We're looking forward to the weekend after hearing your hot new hit, "VIBE." What inspired you to create such an exciting, stimulating track like this?

In a word. Relationships. Relationships have ups and downs. Sometimes, you get knocked down or knocked out when dealing with relationships. VIBE is how you decide to process the knockdown or out.  

Regarding the music video for "VIBE," what inspired the theme of a late-night gym worker dreaming of turning up and letting loose? 

VIBE is two songs in one, but the video changes from the first part of the record to the second half of people going through the relationship cycle of being knocked out and getting back up. But it is also a metaphor for life cycles, starting from the bottom and working your way to be the champ. Initially, I envisioned an extensive story at the entire record length but decided that a short video would be more impactful. 

What was your creative process like when crafting your complex bars for "VIBE"? How did you want your words to make listeners feel? 

VIBE was a process. The lyrics for VIBE take you through the cycle of being knocked out and getting back up even more ferocious, energetic, and optimistic. You have the chill VIBE; then you have the lit VIBE. That is what I wanted the listener to feel. The year before I recorded VIBE, I lived in London and met many people from all walks of life going through different things. I watched it all happen to other people. I was experiencing my ups and downs.

At the height of a choreographer/dancer career, working on a residency in Las Vegas with Salt-N-Pepa and recording a reality television show, I walked away from it all because I didn't believe I was being valued as a creative. Shortly after leaving, I worked on my EP, and then the pandemic hit, which affected the entire world. I had been knocked out! I didn't like being down and had to fight to get back up. The lyrics from VIBE are about the cycle of being knocked out and getting back up, even more ferocious than before.  

Did you collaborate with any producers, artists, or directors when creating the song and music video for "VIBE?" What were those collaborations like? 

In the initial creative process, I like to isolate my thoughts and figure out what I want to say and the story I want to tell. At the same time, I hear the music in my head, how I want the song's rhythm, chorus, melody, and VIBE to be. I collaborated with a producer who saw the vision. I reached out to Kaleb, the producer from my EP, because he is excellent at creating beats around me and building out the structure of the record. K is a multi-platinum nominated producer, and he got it right away. I haven't collaborated with other artists in the creative process, but I look forward to it!

What was your favorite part about creating "VIBE" and its accompanying music video? Which part of the process did you enjoy most? 

Record and release the finished record and video for everyone to experience. Execution is the part that I enjoy the most because I have given my art life and a voice. I know many talented and creative people with great ideas, but they nevneed torough.  

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