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Alyssa DVM Reminisces in, "Presence"

Alyssa DVM is a singer-songwriter residing in Hamilton, Ontario. With the release of her debut EP in 2019 under the acronym ADVM, she followed the success up with multiple singles, and the continuous venture to craft her sound through her rock vocal training, love for acoustic tones, and college music theory knowledge.

Delving into the most recent passion-fueled release by Alyssa DVM, “Presence,” is the lulling piano ballad that taps into the reflective state of your mind as you hone in on the cognizant offerings vulnerably conveyed.

With minimalistic instrumentation that is heavily focused on major piano chords and the strength of Alyssa DVM’s luscious timbres, the two components coincide for a sophisticated and tasteful interpretation of her inner emotions. The reverberated essence that is locked into her striking croons is accompanied by the mindful spirit of her harmonies in an abundant narrative of missing someone’s presence and the melancholy behind the absence.

Heightening the desire we have to navigate through dark chambers of our own, the foreboding tones emitted by the arrangement has us locked into a headspace that embodies our personal findings while playing off of the self-reflection that Alyssa DVM channels. Elusively luring us deeper into “Presence,” as the melodies carry forth, we’re immersed in a pool of brilliant amalgamation in the talents of Alyssa DVM and the top-tier production quality.

Her love of storytelling shines through her lyrics as her music helps to compliment the tales she expresses. Actively striving to redefine what it means to be an artist that can constantly evolve and adapt in an ever-changing society, Alyssa DVM stays true to her roots.

Congratulations on the release of “Presence.” We love the emotion you poured into this piece. Could you please take us into the inspiration behind the lyrics?

The inspiration for these lyrics is deeply rooted in the emotions I was feeling when I was dealing with my long-distance relationship. It wasn't that I couldn't trust my boyfriend when he would hang out with other girls, but I was just not trusting the girls themselves. I know this distrust began when I was growing up; I grew up with two younger brothers, I played in a male-dominated basketball league for ten years, and I found myself gravitating towards friendships with guys. So knowing all this, and being as upset as I was, the lyrics just poured out of me. At the time I wrote this in October 2020, writing this song felt frustrating because I was trying to deal with the issue as I was writing a whole song about it. I definitely would not recommend doing that!

Did you find it difficult to write about this subject or did it come fairly easy to you? Could you please share a bit of the creative process with us?

I tend to write songs without knowing the story at first. I usually don't know what I'm even talking about until I write the first chorus; that's when I start to tie loose ends together. So as soon as I pinpointed the inspiration for this song, the lyrics just flowed out. I try not to think too hard as I write, and that's where my best work comes from. My creative process is always the same. I come up with chords first and then I write melodies and lyrics simultaneously. This way of doing writing lets me fabricate a story with the lyrics, but also allows the melody to tell the same tale.

What inspired the simplicity of the instrumentation present on this record?

Honestly, this was the first song I had written on piano, and as the vulnerability and pain came out in my lyrics and melody, I knew it had to stay a piano ballad. It was the best way to communicate my story, and I think the simplicity and space the instrumentation gives are super beautiful. I usually hear the instrumentation of a new song in my head, but with "Presence", all I could hear was the piano and some vocal layers. I think it was crucial for this song to stay that way.

What are you hoping your fan base takes away from the messaging in “Presence?"

I'm hoping that this song inspires open communication with their partner and their friends. It took me until after writing this song to realize that, but it's super critical to a healthy and honest relationship. I'm hoping that my fans understand that in order to trust a partner, you have to trust that they are hanging out with the right crowd. As I wrote "Presence," it was hard to see that, but now I understand that having trust in someone has so many different layers. I always hope that my music inspires people to be their 100% authentic selves, and I think that stripping this song back and keeping it simple helps to communicate that as well.

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