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Alyx André Showcases Multi Skill-Set In Impressive Slew Of Singles

Alyx André is a singer/songwriter and producer from Brooklyn, NY. Always having a passion for music in him, Alyx began singing as early as two years old and has honed his craft over the years singing in church. Travelling all over the world, he’s toured and shared the stage with big names such as Israel Houghton, Hezekiah Walker, James Fortune, Livré, and many more. He has produced and written songs for artists locally, nationally, and internationally. What's next for Alyx André? To grow to become an established singer/songwriter/producer/executive in the music industry, and to touch people all over the world through music.

We checked out three of Alyx’ tracks and we were not disappointed. The first track “Never Let Go” is a contagious urban-pop hit. The vocals have a really attractive tone to them, to the point where it’s genuinely disappointing when the track comes to an end. The melodies are consistently interesting and, hiding behind the satisfying and contemporary production chops, is a very traditional song arrangement of verses, choruses and a more broken-down bridge section. There are also plenty of little vocal ad-libs, sometimes cut up and repeated for maximum catchiness. “Never Let Go” hits so many sweet spots during its run time, it’s genuinely difficult not to keep hitting repeat as a reviewer. 

Bringing more of a soulful energy to the surface, Alyx André explodes through the speakers with “Never Deny You”. This track drives with a pop sentiment and a likable guitar riff that’s almost funk-inspired. The vocals keeps things soulful, fusing R&B and pop, and the contrast between the twinkling outer edges and the grit of that leading riff helps move things along in a seductively rhythmic manner. Then you get the equally seductive embrace of a classic and stylish “Only You”, a stunning retro sound arrangement brings character and quiet confidence; subtle swagger and flawless, mellow rhythm. The track goes on to envelop the listener as the pace increases, hints of Alyx André’s authenticity float through as the leading vocals work his poetic and topically provocative magic upon you.

Check out all three singles on Spotify here and stay tuned for more with Alyx André below! 

Can you tell us a bit more about how you got started making music? When did you record your first track? 

I've been singing since the age of 2 and writing songs since grade school. Man, I remember I was maybe 12/13 years old. I had a gateway desktop and I would download instrumental beats. I had a cheap $5 regular computer mic and I recorded my first song on the windows sound recorder lol. I had no idea what I was doing but I was having fun and that pretty much how I got started making music. You can say this was my getaway. From there I got into Fruity Loops which we now know as FL Studio and would make beats on there. I would bring that same cheap computer mic to my friends house and we would just make music for fun. My passion for music increased as well as my talents and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Can you dive into some of the lyrics on your track “Never Deny You”?

"Never Deny You" is basically me expressing my love for God. In life we go through so many ups and downs. I've had some difficult times myself, but what kept me sane is my faith and love for Jesus Christ. I'm still able to count my blessings, so with all the hell I've been through, I could never deny God. One of my favorite lines in that record is "Tell that Mona Lisa it's ok, cuz there's no perfect picture on a frame, love will spark the fire when it rains, if all you want is power then what's the gain?" That's so deep to me because everyone is trying to be perfect, and they view perfection as riches, power, wealth, success, women, etc. All that is good but there is no perfect person in the world. Stop trying to be perfect. Even the Mona Lisa as expensive and a master piece that it is, it not perfect itself. I'm sure there are flaws all over it. So it's ok to not be perfect. Love is what's gonna keep you in life's storms not perfect, and not power. What better love than God's love. That's the purest and most perfect love of all. That's what the world needs... Love. If all you want is power but have no love for people, what's the gain?

What would you say were the main influences for this style you’ve achieved?

The influence behind this song is a scripture in the bible where one of Jesus' disciples (Peter) denies Jesus 3 times when his life hit rock bottom. Jesus even told him beforehand that he was gonna deny him three times and Peter was like nah no way I'd never do that blah blah blah lol. Peter was like a ride or die, he was a goon for Jesus and had his back, but when it got rough, homie violated... So that's where the inspiration comes from. I also wanted to do something out the box and not your typical gospel song. I wanted something that everyone can listen to and vibe with. No matter what background, ethnicity, economic class, race, gender, etc. I wanted something simple but have a powerful message that resonates to everyone, and a chorus so simple and catchy that everyone can sing it. When everyone can sing your song, you got a hit!

What would you say has been the single most influential or proud achievement of yours so far?

Man, honestly just being able to have the confidence to be myself as an artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. I feel like so many people are masking or suppressing their gifts just to fit in with whats "popular". This has taken away from the authenticity of creatives and cause the music industry to be oversaturated with nonsense. This makes it harder for real talent to break in. They have to work three times as hard. I'm proud that I'm doing it my way. There are no rules or blueprint to this. Also as a songwriter I've also written a few records that have charted on the billboards so I'm proud of that. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn, NY with a story to tell!

What can audiences look forward to from you over the coming months?

I'll be releasing more music! I have three singles out right now and will be releasing more as well as an album. I look forward to touring and performing my music every and anywhere I can. Audience can follow me on instagram @alyxpennedit to keep up with dates, check out some clips of my creative process, and also just because I want y'all a part of my journey. Aside from being an artist, I love being a songwriter and music producer and I want my audience a part of that journey too. 

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

Hmm... I love food, I love learning to cook. (Notice I said learning lol), I love to travel. This may be weird but when I'm home, I cannot eat any food without watching a movie or a TV show. I have to have something to watch when I eat. I have no idea why but yeah lol.


Keep updated with Alyx via the artists socials below!


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