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AM Dandy Tells Us Stories Through His Guitar

Guitarist AM Dandy recently released his track “Piccola Peste,” and it is the perfect representation of what this artist is all about. Mixing elements of rock and cultural aspects from his home country, Italy, we are graced with the artistry and signature sound that we know as AM Dandy.

Studying under the wing of some notable guitar players such as Tim Miller, Bobby Stanton, and David Tronzo while attending Berklee College of Music, AM Dandy has gathered knowledge that has carried through into his songwriting. By listening, you can tell musicality and storytelling comes easy to AM Dandy. Speaking through the notes on his guitar, we are captivated by how he’s able to portray feelings and emotions without words. AM Dandy manages to capture his life experiences in a sound so relaxing and mesmerizing. After experiencing, “Piccola Peste,” we are waiting anxiously to see what AM Dandy releases next.


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