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Aman Dhesi Is Making a Legacy of His Own

Aman Dhesi has been riding on a high ever since the release of his debut EP, “Day One”. He always wanted to create music that resonated with people’s day-to-day lives.

With the release of his EP, Dhesi has been able to check off more than just that. He gained large success with his singles “Another Never Ever” and “Rise Up” which climbed up the Canadian LGBT music charts and the top 10 of the UK LGBT charts.

Aman Dhesi knew that singing and songwriting were immediately in his blood, from a young age. This has caused Aman Dhesi to create great music that will resonate with everyone.

"Everyone has their own personal moment when they declare day one,” he explains.

“Whether it is getting over a difficult moment in life, getting yourself to the next level, overcoming heartbreak, addiction, personal all starts with that inner moment where you decide this is MY day one.” It is this spirit and message that fuels the songs on display on Aman Dhesi’s debut EP. Alongside his EP “Day One”, he is excited to make his mark in the Toronto LGBT music scene and beyond. His music is intended to help people get where they need to go in life. Inspirational, powerful, and talented, Aman Dhesi has it all. We have followed Aman throughout his 2019 career and we're stoked for 2020 because we know Aman Dhesi will be a household name!

Listen to Aman Dhesi here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Aman Dhesi! Mind talking to us a bit about your background and upbringing? What inspired you to initially pursue music and why?

I'm originally from Vancouver, born and raised, and re-located to Toronto back in 2013. I've always had a love for music right from a young age. I credit a lot of that to my dad who always made a point to get me interested in his record collection. He introduced me to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and lots of other influential artists. I've had lots of other influences ranging from an older cousin that really got me into grunge music during the early 90s right to my older brother who helped broaden my musical interest by introducing me to some of the big artists from the 80s. I think the interest in wanting to make my own music came after I saw U2 in concert back in 2005. I'll never forget the feeling I had after that concert. I can only describe it as a burning desire to start learning about my own musical capabilities. I was fortunate enough to get introduced to a mentor who works in the industry who taught me about singing, song-writing and the production side of being in a studio. I haven't really looked back since.

We took a listen to your EP “Day One” and we loved it! Which songs off this project do you feel best represents the theme and why?

Thank you. I'm glad people are responding so positively to it. It is hard to pick just one because each track highlights a different perspective or shade of the overall theme of the EP. I suppose the closing track, "Day One" would be the one that really showcases the spirit behind the EP. This is probably the most personal, confessional and vulnerable track on the EP. Lyrically it tells the story of being knocked down (which happens to all of us in life) and deciding to pick yourself back up by declaring 'this is my day one' and making a decision to be done with the past and moving forward to the next level of your life.

How would you describe the challenges you faced in creating this album “Day One”?

Idea overload. There were so many things I wanted to say lyrically and sounds that I wanted to explore what it was quite difficult having to condense it all into a five-song collection that sounded coherent but versatile. In fact, there are a handful of other tracks that we worked on that never made the final cut but they might be released next year.

How would you detail the songwriting approach to most of the songs in “Day One”? 

There was never one approach. Certain songs began with a lyrical idea that I fleshed out while other tracks were born just by hearing something in my day-to-day. For example, one of the tracks (I'm not going to say which one) was inspired by a beat I heard in the "Kill Bill" movie. It got stuck in my head and I knew that we needed to create something around that. Lyrically, I always try to write from a place of authenticity and vulnerability which helped in creating songs that send very strong, uplifting and positive messages. Other times we came up with verses right on the spot in the studio and it worked. So there was never one approach, we kept it very loose and organic.

What’s the main difference between singles “Another Never Ever” and “Rise Up”?

I would say the main difference is the mood and theme of each song. "ANN" is a moodier ballad that is really about reflecting on the past and coming to the realization that, regardless of past break-ups/heartbreak, your ship hasn't sailed on finding love again. "Rise Up", on the other hand, is the tough-love track. Sometimes in life, you need a kick-in-the-ass in terms of letting go of the past, to stop wallowing, rise up and charge forward with your life. I think it is a great song to play for anyone that needs a "pull yourself together" moment and/or an empowering, uplifting shot-in-the-arm.

What’s next for you Aman Dhesi?

Well, I'm constantly writing new songs and have been tinkering with new concepts for songs so I'm aiming to be back in the studio to have some new music released in 2020.



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